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Emo lyricsYou feel your love so shattering You feel you want to die Just because someone did take off Telling you a lie Emo song lyrics
(Black Sabbath - St Vitus' Dance)

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Fight for yourself. - Aug 15 2012, 01:50 AM

MidoKilmy - soEmo.co.uk

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Just the beginning:

I know sometimes it's easier to escape than to consider you might not be right. You can think you could kill yourself just to show hw much they hurt you. But you'd rather swallow your fucking childish pride. Fight not always mean the same. You can scream against the wall but it won't move out of your way. You can always kick the door but maybe you should try to open it before you do this?
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FlickerOfHope - soEmo.co.uk

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Aug 16 2012, 04:48 AM

:) I agree with this! somtimes its better to suck up the pride and just say that you are wrong! it resolves conflicts and makes you a better person in the long run :)


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