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Emo lyricsBroken pieces of a barely breathing story. Where there once was love, now there`s only me, and the Lonely.Emo song lyrics
(Christina Perri - The Lonely)

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How did you guys end up being a part of this subculture - Apr 26 2018, 04:20 PM

blader - soEmo.co.uk

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I am very interested to hear your stories.
Was it because of a single event, or did life just take a paths wich led to the emo culture.

Thank u in advance
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acecolette453 - soEmo.co.uk

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Mar 19 2019, 03:19 AM

I honestly really don't know I don't really consider myself emo but I have a big obsession with the emo style
hippiehay - soEmo.co.uk

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Mar 19 2019, 01:26 PM

back in 7th grade I was like wannabe preppy cheerleader but had a thing for twilight and then I slowly became country and that wasn't me and then in 8th grade I met this emo girl and got addicted to anime then I slowly started listening to harder music and my world got flipped upside down and I discovered Hot topic and now here we are
lumm0x - soEmo.co.uk

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May 11 2019, 01:32 AM

I didn't, I just found this site and I keep coming back here for some reason, I'm not even emo.
chrismorales121093 - soEmo.co.uk

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May 14 2019, 02:56 AM

I originally had an online friend who was into this sort of lifestyle, and we found a site called emoscene.com (I believe it's no longer active). In actuality, I was just looking for a place to post my writings as I was deep into writing poetry when I was younger. Being misunderstood was tough growing up as I had no friends who understood or related to me. They would always say I thought very deep and complex thoughts. As time went on, I felt further and further away from people and eventually fell into depression. This depression has never ended, but has only gotten worse as time progressed. I believed the lie that everything would get better as I got older, but now with a successful career, a house, and advanced degrees - I am sad to say it is all meaningless. I'm trying to find my way and a reason to go each day, but I'd say what brings one into this lifestyle is their unwillingness to accept reality for face value and to look what's behind the cloak that the world tries to blind us from. I prided myself in seeking out the truth, studying into science and then after delving into philosophy - never stopping my search for the truth
SkateLordLilSeas - soEmo.co.uk

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Jun 19 2019, 12:04 AM

I S K A T E B O A R D ! !
Bones - soEmo.co.uk

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Jul 26 2019, 08:21 AM

I was a Tom boy and wore boys clothes a lot. Boys clothes at the time were a skater style or had skulls over. I still love the same style just try to keep to women’s clothes

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