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Emo lyricsShe hates this guy he has Gone and messed up her dream She won't be home coming queen tonight.Oh my god this guy! No chance to dance, dance, dance The party's over and she has Lost her chance to be seen as the next beauty queen tonight. Emo song lyrics
(Snow White's Poison Bite - End Of Prom Night)

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Cut Cut Stab Stab - Jun 02 2018, 08:13 AM

BlkKtn - soEmo.co.uk

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Hello. I thought I'd drop a post...

When I was 15 years old I met this 17 year old that I used to know...

I should be writing a journal, but here we go...

He was my white boy. Blonde hair and blue eyes. He was also ana boy lol. I was the mia girl (go figure). Anyway he was suicidal and I would let him selfharm on me. It was as simple as it sounds. I would take the infliction. It felt so fucking good. Yes. I am a masochist, further more at that time I was just getting back in touch with that.

By the time I new it I was gorging at my stomach with a kitchen knife (I so would of totalled a kids mind), and I was only a teen... 16 by then.

... incase you're curious my white boy turned into a white man, and grew out of ana tendencies (he looked so fucking hot with the meat), though what followed was tragedy; someone said he got killed, and I never saw him again.

Annnd... Now we're back. That was my selfharming story. I was just wondering if anyone else had any similar experiences there that infliction isn't a negative thing? Even if it was still bad.

Oh! And friend me if you like.
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kendallusuario - soEmo.co.uk

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Aug 13 2018, 12:54 PM

..... okkkk LOLLLL
LittleWitch - soEmo.co.uk

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Aug 13 2018, 07:52 PM

Not gonna lie but... based on this post... maybe seeking some like therapeutic help, could definitely improve all of this.

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