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Emo lyricsSo hear my voice, remind you not to bleed, saviour will be there, when you are feeling alone, oh, a saviour for all that you do, so you live freely without their harmEmo song lyrics
(Black Veil Brides - saviour)

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its been a while but i wanted to share something else on here - Dec 27 2018, 12:30 AM

jaz1127 - soEmo.co.uk

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Where did it begin,
The hatred within,
Living a lie,
So empty inside,
Feelings hidden,
No longer there,
The abyssal void,
So familiar within,
When will it end,
This pointless visard,
Forever lonely,
Hiding in shame,
I torture myself,
Over and over again,
As if its ones,
Divine punishment,
When will I let,
Another one in,
To see this broken,
Demented shell once again,
To broken to fix,
Unable to call out,
Hoping for peace,
From this hellish Place,
Never forgot,
How it felt,
But alas,
The void has won,
As the darkness consumes,
The last flicks of light,
Any hope,
Has gone yet again,
An empty shell,
Is all that will remain,
No feeling or emotion,
Ever to be seen again.
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