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Emo lyricsTo a chair we see your breath in the air, but only for a little while. Your cold pale skin and tainted purple lips. Let me embrace you with this kiss and together we'll float like angels. Together... together we will float like angelsEmo song lyrics
(Chiodos - The Words Best Friend Become Redefined)

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This is a major long shot but worth a try - Jan 14 2019, 08:18 AM

pride_friendly - soEmo.co.uk

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I know this is a very far stretch to find someone but I just want to know if they are okay. I haven't talked to this person in a long time and he is my best friend but he's more like family to me. I met him on here a while back (5+ years or so) I know he doesn't go on here much any more but I just want to get back in contact with him. His name from what I remember is Sondre Helms and the last time we talked he had just joined the military. I believe he joined either the army in Norway or in Sweden. If he is still in he has been in somewhere between 3-5 years I think and I have tried every lookup website I can and haven't been able to find him. I know he has dirty blonde hair but he had talked about dying it brown or something like that and I know he is around 5'10" tall. The last time I skyped him he had 8mm plugs in so he might still have his ears stretched. I am hoping to find him before I move up there so we can meet up. If you know of any way to help please tell me I'm hoping he didn't die in action.
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Razer - soEmo.co.uk

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Mar 11 2019, 10:27 AM

Did you not get a phone number or his FB or something? Or have you tried a mutual friend or family member you guys may know? Probably not that deep but, it’s alwags worth a try when you want to reconnect with someone.


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