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Emo lyricsThis world is a Cruel place, And we're here only to lose. So before life tears us apart let, Death bless me with you. Won't you Die tonight for love? Baby, join me in Death. Emo song lyrics
(HIM - Join Me In Death)

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Conditional love - Jan 04 2020, 05:37 AM

honeysuckle-hex - soEmo.co.uk

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"I love you", thrown around carelessly and you don't understand. "I love you", said with a tender voice and tight embrace. "I love you", a constant lie I'm forced to hear. Just smile and don't let my pain show.
I sit with you, I listen, I see. Your hatred is a pure, unrelenting force. It's "Us" against "Them", "Normal" against "Other", "You" against "Me". The "Disgusting", the unwanted, the "mentally ill", the "sinners", the "Unholy", the 'Me'. "I love you" has conditions that I've failed to meet.
"I love you" hurts almost as much as the toxin you speak. I'm the only one who knows it's not true.
"I love you, too", because mine is true. Amidst all the poison, the hatred, the bitterness, "I love you, too" because I can't help it. "I love you, too", even though it won't last. Soon enough, you'll know too, that your every "I love you" was just another lie.
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