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Chat Moderator stuff - Apr 08 2020, 05:58 AM

trev - soEmo.co.uk

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Working/ban - Currently mods can only kick [/Kick @user @time]

Alternate account checking - A command like [/Clones] or [/Alts] to see if a user has more than 1 account connected to the IP they're on, to prevent trolls.

Muting - [/Mute @User] for perm-mute [/mute @User @Seconds] for temporary mute, this is to prevent people from spamming the chat and to keep people from causing a fight.

Unmute - [/Unmute @User] for those times that people are forgiven

Can't really think of any more that moderators really "Need" right now if you have suggestions put it down below these are just some that i noticed were lacking, It would help the moderators greatly do their job easier with these. I'll also keep thinking of more commands to add to aid chatmods making their life easier.
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trev - soEmo.co.uk

Posts: 55
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Apr 21 2020, 08:28 AM

Another 1 /Moderate - disables chat in public room til re-enabled(Moderators can still talk)
Tha that way if a huge fight has begun you have that to give you time to try to calm everyone down


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