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My school stories: - Apr 18 2020, 01:08 AM

jaden_lynn - soEmo.co.uk

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These are some of my weird school stories. Be mindful that none of these names are the names of actual people.
So this first one happened in 6th grade. In science, during the first week, we had to bring in a photo of ourselves to go on a bulletin board, for unknown reasons. I brought in a photo of me and my siblings. That is not the weird part, the weird part was when I was in 7th grade. I no longer had that teacher, he threw out the pictures of my class- except for mine! To this day I don’t know why he still has it in that classroom. I will be walking down the halls in the high school, which by the way the high school and middle school are very close to each other, and then I’ll get a little 6th grader say; “Oh! It’s you, from the photo!” I wasn’t just 6th graders, it was 7th and 8th graders- middle school is 6th to 8th grade- even some of the freshmen were telling me that they saw my photo. My friends, whenever this happened, would just look at me like, “what the hell?” So, yeah… that was that terrible story.
The next one happened in 7th grade. So I had a crush on this guy, and let’s call him Josh. Okay so I think that Josh was dating a girl, maybe that was 8th grade, but I’m pretty sure he dated her from 7th grade to now. Anyways, so I was that weird girl who would carry my sketchbook with me wherever I went, you know so no one looks in it, I would also carry a lot of books in my hands. In middle school some of the science and math books looked the same, so I would always have the wrong book for the class I was in. One day I was in the hall going to get the correct book, when I saw Josh coming towards me in the hall. Now Josh never says hi to me in the hall, in fact he doesn’t even notice me that often, so I was surprised that he said; “Hi Jaden!” There are multiple Jaden’s in the school. I am the only girl. So I looked behind me to see if he was talking to one of the other’s. I saw that we were in the hall alone, so I faced him, and said; “Oh, you’re talking to me, Hi!” I could feel my face become very red, as I heard him laugh. At that moment I was thinking, “Oh no! He thinks I’m a weirdo. I messed up, what am I going to do. Someone just help me.” But then he said; “you’re funny.” That...That was the moment that I realized that my crush for him was bigger. I know you might be thinking that; “but all he said was ‘Hi!’ and ‘You’re funny’. He might not even like you.” But that was not the last time he made me blush. When we were playing volleyball in P.E, I was never really good at it, but I had hit it and it went over the net and we got a point. Josh came up to me and said; “Wow, you are really good at this”. This made me feel so happy, because he was one of those athletic types, so for him to say that I was good made my heart skip a beat. He also picked me for his team, so yeah, Um….if “Josh” is reading this and notices that it’s him, thank you. Since you started dating, um, let’s call her Jessica, I was never going to tell you that I liked you. Maybe one of these days I can tell you.
Another story was when I was in 8th grade. I was late to the bus and I had called my dad to pick me up. I do have to tell you something so that you aren’t confused, my parents are gay, so I have two dad’s. He showed up and as we were leaving the school, I saw my English teacher, we’ll name him tree, because he was very tall. Anyways I saw my english teacher and I told my dad, “Hey! That’s Mr. Tree. I love his class.” So then my dad looks at him and says the thing that still haunts my dreams, “He’s cute, don’t you think?” I can never look at Mr. Tree the same way again. And this happened at the beginning of the year, so a whole year of not looking at the teacher of my second favorite subject. Mr. Tree, I don’t know what else to say, Sorry?
This next story happened in 10th grade, so just last year. I was at the store with my Papa, my other dad. He was getting something and told me to go down an aisle to get something, so I did and found a guy I knew from P.E. He was one of those popular guys, and I have to admit he was kind of cute, but not my type. I’ll name him, Cody. Well Cody saw me instantly, and I think I’ve said this before, but I am shy, when I see people from my school I like to pretend they aren’t there. Mostly because I don’t like to talk to people, but also because my parents could embarrass me, and this was one of the cool kids. I had no time to hide, so when he waved, I waved back and quickly ran away. Yes I ran away, like a crazy person. Unfortunately, I dropped something in my hand. So when I was walking down another aisle, he caught up to me and said; “Hey, I think you dropped this when you were running away.” I looked at the item and with my face bright red, I took the item and quietly said thank you. He smiled and walked away. I don’t think I’ve ever felt that humiliated.
So you know that I just said I’ve never been more humiliated, I was wrong. When I was a freshman, We were in science and I had to sit next to my then crush, his name shall be; Jack. Okay so I was doodling, you know minding my own business, when I see him watching me. I quickly looked back down at my doodles. Then a little bit later I saw that he was closer to me and watching me doodle. I looked at him and was like; “Umm, hello, what are you looking at?” He then looked at me and was like “I’m watching you draw, you know you’re really good at it.” I then did the stupid thing and said; “I bet you don’t know what drawing is, because this...this drawing is sh*t!” He laughed at that and then we then went silent for a while. Then he opened his mouth and this is all he said; “........So do you not want this drawing then?” I blushed and said; “sure just let me add something.” Then I drew a little him on the paper, and then a little me that had her tongue out and was making two peace signs with her hands. Then I gave it to him and he said thanks. After that I no longer doodled in class, unless I was certain that I was alone.
What are some crazy things that have happened to you in school? Also be sure to look out for part 2!
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FrenchEsspresso - soEmo.co.uk

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Apr 23 2020, 05:45 AM

One time when I was in 5th grade, (I walk to school) and one day I got hit by a car and police/parents/all that jazz happened. Anyways in the middle of the school year I swiched classes. At the end of the year my teacher all had us say something fun or scary or funny that happened that year. So my friend looks at me and asked "What was the most shocking thing that happened?" So I told her I got hit by a car. And the whole class just erupted with "THAT WAS YOU?!?!" and similar statements. Anyways that's my story.
Camron02 - soEmo.co.uk

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May 21 2020, 12:59 PM

So this initial occurred in class sixth. I took a photo of me and my brothers. I grant resume planet reviews to her. That's not the clean part, the mold part is when I was in seventh grade. I didn't have that teacher anymore, it came out pictures of my class- except for mine! To this day, I don't know why he still has that school.
Avalanche - soEmo.co.uk

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May 31 2020, 04:22 AM


I went to a private democratic school that was governed by students aged 4-18. There were no teachers, classes, or grades and if you broke a rule you went to in school court and had to defend yourself and if they didn't let it slide they would try to give you a consequece/sentence which you could plead guilty or not guilty. I you plead not guilty you have to go to school meeting so the whole school was open to voting on shit. If you sentence was suspension or expulsion you also had to go to school meeting for a second opinion when the whole school could vote you off like survivor (There were only about 60 or 70 students) basically this lead to a lot of shitty situations and because children form cliques fast power imbalances were inevitable and staff members including the owner of the school furthered the corruption by influencing students.

For instance all of the jc chairs and scribes (the elected official court judges and scribes for the court) were all friends and were powerful in the school and they would let their friends off the hook but that's only the beginning. 4 years ago a student of average popularity got falsely accused of theft and was suspended. His parent thought it was bullshit so they unenrolled him and his brother. Since the school lost two students who were related they lost a lot of money so from there onward they decided to at all cost to try and not suspend or expel students with siblings to avoid losing cash. in one case there were three siblings in the school and one of them pulled knives on people, committed sexual assault, vandalism, brought drugs into school, kicked a child who had open heart surgery in the chest etc etc etc and they let him stay until we all nearly rioted because he literally broke every single rule in the rule book (The rule book has hundreds of rules written in a legal format and it's kept in a thick ass binder with laminated pages). Another thing that occurred is students who came from wealthier families who were more likely to donate money during fundraisers and open houses would get softer consequences, in one such case two students watched child porn on tor together on a SCHOOL COMPUTER and the less wealthy student got expelled where as the wealthy student just wasn't supposed to use electronic technology at school for the rest of the year (He continued doing so anyway and suffered no consequences and I'm pretty sure his parents were never informed). I have so many stories about this school. Some days I would just bring a flask of vodka in and I'd drink in the woods on campus and smoke cigs like an edgelord. There's also been stuff where a bunch of kids steal a tiny bit of alcohol and bring it to school and they ll make fucking jungle juice and drink together and as long as no one snitches and a staff member doesn't see they just get away with it. (Note these kids are like 11-14)

Another awful thing I forgot to mention is the JC report/findings (which basically is the script of court hearings) would be hung up on walls for EVERYONE to see so people would be sexually assaulted, harassed, or even worse and they would have to stay quiet out of fear of everyone seeing it.

Another thing that would happen a lot is because there are no classes students who were teenagers and had been there since early childhood were often nearly illiterate and could not do basic math and it's really fucking sad.

Not to mention.... so many people had sex at school.... so many....

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