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Emo lyricsThe time has come at last For years we have followed the wake of his perilous rule Serpent of deception you will fall to your knees When this is all said and doneEmo song lyrics
(Whitechapel - Messiahbolical)

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Ad nauseum ad fidelius - Apr 25 2020, 03:46 PM

Xx_Affectus_xX - soEmo.co.uk

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What does it mean to live?
The pain of life is a tragedy, but it's one that we have to endure in order to exist.

A glimmer of hope, a ray of sunlight through the clouds, as brief as it is, leaves us with a terrible sense of doubt.

Caught between the lies and lesser truths among the living.
A drug that sustains the false memories that we hope to aspire to.

To live as performers on the stage of what we call, "living."
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