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Emo lyricsI am the worthless, i am the hated, i am the one that you created, i am the dreadful words unspoken, i am every heart that is broken. i dont need you to save meEmo song lyrics
(My Enemies and I - Reborn)

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forever silent paper - Nov 08 2020, 02:45 PM

suicideradiodreamsto - soEmo.co.uk

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today I will forever sit here by myself,
behind me is nothing to feel but, to lay near,
nothing but what is a clear reflection,
of a person looking right at me she is soundless,
do not make a sound laying to close,
the feeling of my bed,
feel cold inside, and outside, we hold,
each other every last inch of our day’s,
fallen tree leaf’s is outside, my tear’s,
this heart I am next to, is in a mirror,
when I am close to her a promise is kept,
deep inside my heart there is vein’s,
she promise’s me,
still by my every hold of the bed,
bloody vein’s are not close, right here,
looking down at my arm’s,
a girl who know a friend is alway’s here,
as we hold each other, silence is not choice’s,
here is a place to disappear pain away,
when ever life get boring,
or to painful to take, every day,
it is no escape from this vision,
broken heart’s held together,
never going to leave her side as the wind, blow,
past us the noise’s within the branch cold,
still laying on my bed, let her go shivering dark face past,.
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