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Emo lyricsPlease understand me when, I'd rather see you dead, then live without me, so thirsty for more.Emo song lyrics
(Pierce The Veil - Currents Convulsive)

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Emo Meet - London UK - August 2011

soEmo.co.uk Emo Community Emo Scene News Archive

Jan 20, 2009 - New Site Coming Soon(ish) [read more]
This news section unfortunately hasn't been updated very often since the introduction of the emo forums as you can find everything there now.

Anyway the emo scene community is certainly still going strong with almost 1600 users and 19000 forum posts.

Numerous coding improvements have taken place since the last news update below.

A new site is being developed at the moment, which will be a lot more professional, fresh, funky and useable. The current design is looking a little tired and isn't particularly great coding wise either.

Once the new site is online and looking good more effort will also be put into promotion.

Of course any feedback is welcome prior to the new site going live and after.
Test designs to obtain your opinions might be uploaded. Keep checking on the Feedback forum section.


Oct 20, 2008 - Over 1000 Already - Thanks Everyone :] [read more]
Thanks to all you emo scene guys and girls we have reached the target of 1000 registered users before expected :D

More importantly more friends have been made and meets taken place.

When time allows many more ongoing improvements will be implemented.

Finally daily monitoring and tweaks has meant that www.soEmo.co.uk is still retaining and increasing rankings on the major search engines.


Sep 17, 2008 - Time For Another Update Hey... [read more]
Well things are still progressing well here on soEmo.co.uk. There are now almost 850 registered users so hopefully that target of 1000 by Christmas will be achieved.

The emo forums, with more than 10,000 posts are also increasingly active. More users are joining in along with the hardcore addicts :D

Hopefully you like the new homepage which is less cluttered and more visually pleasing. However, not an awful lot can be done with the current site design, but a totally new design is on the cards. Please send in any suggestions. Prior to this the current layout will be tweaked further with the user profiles next in line.

Marlene at Little Black Cherry, an emo clothing company is likely to be using one of our members, Naomi, to model their clothes :]

Oh and for a laugh did you know emo is the Web's 4th most dangerous word according to Guardian Technology. Read more >>

Don't forgot to aid promotion soEmo.co.uk also has a Myspace page: www.myspace.com/xx_soemo_xx

Finally, soEmo.co.uk has been no1 on Google.co.uk for emo community and no3 for emo fashion for a while now :]


Aug 18, 2008 - 715 Registered Users... this news section will get more exciting, promise! [read more]
There are now 715 registered users and the aim is to reach 1000 by Christmas, which should be a breeze. Recent additions/improvements to the site include picture ratings, improved image uploading, ability to preview and edit comments/posts, improved Meta data (to aid search engine exposure and rankings) and much more.

Some of the improvements to come include improved homepage and profile page design/layout, users' blog/journal, polls, improved notifications...

Improvements/additions to the site are discussed in the forum.

Three of our most active users - Tantra, Roxi & Matt are meeting at the end of the month :]

The YouTube video of emo / scene guys and girls off soEmo.co.uk that Vic produced already has almost 1000 views.

From now on this news section will be more interesting and used to actually announce the latest emo news such as emo bands currently touring, criticism of emo in the media, etc. Lets hope The Daily Mail write another badly researched article for us to have a laugh!


Jun 25, 2008 - Over 500 Users, Emo Forums Going Down Well, More Meets.. [read more]
Since the MCR Protest lots more has been going on here.

There are now 532 registered users and the emo forums have become quite popular already with almost 2500 posts. However, the forum hasn't drawn users away from the rest of the site with lots of activity still on users profiles.

There have been more friendly meets through soEmo.co.uk.

I feel proud of my achievement with the site so far.

Ongoing development of the emo community is documented in the Feedback section of the forums and your suggestions are appreciated.

Finally Vic has produced a YouTube video of emo / scene guys and girls off soEmo.co.uk, which is sure to help promote the site.


Jun 02, 2008 - My Chemical Romance / Emo Protest against Daily Mail's false claims - Follow Up!! [read more]
Following soEmo.co.uk attendance at the My Chemical Romance / Emo protest on May 31st 2008 please view and discuss the write up:


Also view related topics on the emo forums.


May 22, 2008 - MCR / Emo fans plan London protest against Daily Mail " suicide cult " claims [read more]
Read more and voice your opinions about the My Chemical Romance / Emo protest in the forum:


Then add your name on the organisers' site: www.whatthefrank.co.uk/


May 07, 2008 - Reached 310 Users & Emo Forums Now Online [read more]
A lot has been happening recently on www.soEmo.co.uk.

A major new addition are Forums covering a wide range of emo topics such as emo music and emo fashion, which will hopefully make the site even more busy.

The Browse feature has been improved and search results split neatly into pages.

The widened layout is proving to be much more useable than the slimmer old version.

Many more users' pictures are now featured on the homepage.

All the development so far and more promotion by soEmo.co.uk (and some of it's kind members) has resulted in 310 users already! The number of daily visits reached 400 recently. The site ranks no2 on Google for "emo community", which is a great result. Many more impressive rankings are present such as "emo fashion".

The development and promotion of www.soEmo.co.uk is on-going and everyones help is much appreciated.

Finally the first meet has taken place on soEmo.co.uk - Tantra_B & Sugar_Cane


Apr 08, 2008 - soEmo.co.uk Now With 25% Extra [read more]
...Referring to the width of the site layout. The old one was a bit too slim on 19" monitors and didn't fit the content that well. If you experience any layout issues please email info@soEmo.co.uk

As mentioned on Your Account page there is still a significant amount of work to do to the site including:
  • Improved Browse Feature
  • Improved Notifications
  • Possible Forum and Groups
  • Re-worked Homepage...

Over 200 users have joined the emo community now already. Invite your friends!

Finally www.soEmo.co.uk is slowly getting its name out there and is now linked with Edge Fashion - Emo Clothing.


Mar 14, 2008 - 125 Users and Counting...Thanks Everyone [read more]
Just another update to let you know the site is steadily progressing and making the continued effort worthwhile.

A news update was planned when 100 users had joined but being so busy this wasn't done and there are now 125 users from all around the world interacting (a large proportion from the UK as hoped).

The site is still subject to continued development and promotion so that the numbers carry on growing from the current relatively small number.

Thanks to Vicki for making some banners.

Please check your email and agree to the new terms and conditions if you haven't already.

Carry on supporting the emo scene people.


Feb 24, 2008 - Major Site Update - Join The Emo Community! [read more]
Pretty behind with this update as I have been so busy working on the site. Users can now successfully join soEmo.co.uk, create their own profile with pictures and interact with other users through comments, friend requests, etc.

A search function is available to find other users by country, town and distance from a UK Postcode. All users have their own secure account page to edit profiles, upload/delete pictures, delete comments and friends, and numerous other features.

In addition to the community aspect of soEmo.co.uk, don't forget about the useful and extensive content on the emo scene that you can comment on. Plus keep adding to the emo lyrics and emo bands database.

soEMO.co.uk is successfully progressing making all the time and effort worthwhile.
There are already 65 active members.

Google Analytics is checked regularly, which displays some very interesting and useful site traffic statistics. The daily number of visits has recently shot up to over 200. The highest so far was 327 on Feb 22.

There are a significant number of improvements still to implement. A continued enthusiasm for the site means additions are always being added to the 'To Do' list.

Furthermore, the site has hardly been promoted yet so it will hopefully get increasingly more popular, successful and useful for the emo scene.


Jan 28, 2008 - Site Update - What Have I Been Upto? [read more]
After a lot of stress I have implemented a 'browse' feature that allows users to search for other emo's on soEMO via a number of factors.

Many of the community sites such as Myspace or Vampirefreaks allow you to either search for users in a certain town and country, or a number of miles from a postcode. The latter is more difficult to implement, but soEMO has both for a reliable user search.

The coding isn't the best, but unlike Myspace this feature actually works: Try and Browse Users on Myspace

The registering/profiles coding is almost complete so you'll be able to join and interact with other local emo's very soon!


Dec 15, 2007 - Site Update - What Have I Been Upto? [read more]
A basic backend admin system has been developed to easily update soEMO.co.uk.

All of the emo information content: emo introduction (what is emo?), emo music, emo fashion and emo lifestyle has been completed. Have a read and post your opinions.

The site is ranking well still, even though it won't be promoted properly until near complete.

The challenging but exciting user profiles / emo community aspect can be tackled now!

Oh I have also read one of them "emo books". Shocking I know. See my review on Amazon of Everybody Hurts: An Essential Guide to Emo Culture


Nov 26, 2007 - Hawthorne Heights Casey Calvert Found Dead [read more]
Hawthorne Heights guitarist Casey Calvert died of unknown causes passing away in his sleep on Friday 23 Nov.

My thoughts and prayers are with the Calvert family and Hawthorne Heights band mates. Casey will be missed but never forgotten. R.I.P.


Nov 07, 2007 - Emo Bands [read more]
I am still sorting out the emo content, but some should be uploaded tonight!

I have managed to add a directory of emo bands though, which you can add to and rate.

Thanks to the people who have added to the emo lyrics database so far especially Vic :)


Oct 21, 2007 - Emo Info Pages...Emo Books! [read more]
Currently, I am busy researching for the 'emo information' content on soEMO. There is so much out there including many contrasting and extremely stereotypical views on the emo scene.

I plan to take a significant amount of time getting the content (music, fashion, lifestyle) on soEMO interesting and as reliable as I can.

Unlike a lot of articles I do realise emo music dates back to the mid-1980s and what is considered to be emo nowadays is a LOT different, and its not just about the music now. soEMO is mainly all about the present emo scene. My personal opinions will be included and the ability for viewers to add their own comments. Some emo related articles have hundreds of lengthy comments!

Amongst all the material I have gone over so far, I even discovered there are two popular emo-related books:

Finally you have to see the famous Daily Mail article titled, "EMO cult warning for parents" if you haven't already. It's ridiculous. I posted a comment, which hasn't been published yet...


Oct 06, 2007 - Emo Lyrics [read more]
Since the emo lyrics feature has been added to soEMO I have developed an obsession for beautiful emo-related song lyrics.

The list is steadily growing and as a result split alphabetically now.

Please submit more!


Sep 30, 2007 - Site Update - What Have I Been Upto? [read more]
Well it kind of looks like I have just been sat staring at the screen, which is true in a way but things have been happening on soEMO.

A significant amount of time has been spent reading about PHP and MySQL Web Development from a great book I recommend by Welling & Thomson and numerous Web articles.

The template coding for the site has been sorted and the main pages created (home, register, browse, emo info)

Apache's mod_rewrite has enabled effective URL rewriting to create more search friendly URLs.

The database structure has been planned and the basic tables created such as the main user table.

As shown at the bottom of the page a fitting new addition to the site are the random 'emo' lyrics. These are pulled in from a database, which allows users to add lyrics themselves creating the first sign of user interaction on soEMO.

Templates for the profiles have also been experimented with.

There is still a vast amount to do including the difficult but key part of allowing users to register and create their own profiles, etc. Security is a major issue as well that will have to be carefully considered throughout the implementation.

I am still really passionate about this project (as a number of friends will know!) so will battle on and hopefully won't keep everyone waiting too long!


Aug 26, 2007 - Save Camden Market - Sign the Petition [read more]
Cancel the proposed idea's to replace Camden's unique market area with a boring shopping centre.

Having recently visited Camden for a FFAF gig it's obvious why people are so passionate about Camden market. There are so many great shops selling a wide range of goth/emo/alternative etc items all in one place complete with a vibrant atmosphere.


Aug 16, 2007 - soEMO.co.uk Search Engine Rankings Shot Up [read more]
soEMO has shot up and is already ranking well on Google and the other major search engines. Example keyphrases the site is ranking for on Google:
  • so emo (3)
  • emo community (1)
  • emo culture (14)
  • emo look (17)
  • emo scene (25)

Finally decided, this new design you are viewing will be the basis for soEmo.co.uk. Google Analytics has been added so I monitor traffic already going to the site and Google AdSense is included also.


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