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Emo lyricsi want someone, provocative and talkative but it's so hard, when you're shallow as a shower, from what i've heard with skin you'll win.Emo song lyrics
(Cute Is What We Aim For - curse of the curves)

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Emo Meet - London UK - August 2011

soEmo.co.uk - Emo Kids - Himinnson

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Name: Himinnson
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Orientation: Pansexual
Location: K-Town, Germany
Member Since: Nov 23, 2017
Last Login: Dec 01, 2017

About Me

Hey :)

I'm from Germany and my English is...yeah bad... :(
I live in Kaiserslautern, Rhineland-Palatinate
My hobbies are reading, doing sports and listening to music ^-^

Favourite Music

Asking Alexandria
Avenged Sevenfold
Black veil Brides
Bring me the Horizon
Bullet for my Valentine
Captain PlanET
Eskimo Callboy
Fit For Rivals
Hollywood Undead
Linkin Park
Picture me Broken
Pierce the Veil
Saltatio Mortis
Suicide Silence
System Of A Down
Twenty one Pilots
15 Fathoms, Counting ~ Bring me the Horizon
2 Fat 2 Furious ~ Eskimo Callboy
Abschiedsmelodie ~ Saltatio Mortis
...and then She bled ~ Suicide Silence
Another way out ~Hollywood Undead
Augen zu ~ Saltatio Mortis
Avalanche ~ Bring me the Horizon
Been to Hell ~ Hollywood Undead
Believ ~ Hollywood Undead
Best Day ~ Eskimo Callboy
The Black ~ Asking Alexandria
Black & Blue ~ Bring me the Horizon
Black Dahlia ~Hollywood Undead
Blessed with A Curse ~ Bring me the Horizon
Blind Line ~ Annisokay
Bloody Angel ~ Avatar
Breaking the Habit ~Linkin Park
Bullet ~ Hollywood Undead
Bulls in  the Bronx ~ Pierce the Veil
Burn it Down ~ Linkin Park
B.Y.O.B. ~ System of A Down
California Dreaming ~ Hollywood Undead
The Call of the Mountains ~ Eluveitie
Can you feel my Heart ~ Bring me the Horizon
Car Radio ~ Twenty one Pilots
Carry On ~ Memphis May Fire
Castle of Glass ~Linkin Park
Chasing the Sun ~ Billy Talent
Chelsea Smile ~ Bring me the Horizon
Chop Suey! ~ System of A Down
City ~ Hollywood Undead
Crash ~ Fit For Rivals
Crawling ~ Linkin Park
Crucify Me ~ Bring me the Horizon
Crystals ~ Eskimo Callboy
Damage ~ Fit For Rivals
Day of the Dead ~ Hollywood Undead
Day to Day Tragedy ~ Annisokay
Dead Bite ~ Hollywood Undead
The Diary ~ Hollywood Undead
Disease ~ Hollywood Undead
Disengage ~ Suicide Silence
Don't Go ~ Bring me the Horizon
Don't need You ~ Bullet for my Valentine
Don't Stay ~ Linkin Park
Doomed ~ Bring me the Horizon
Dragon Slaying ~ Bring me the Horizon
Drown ~ Bring me the Horizon
Du bist schön ~ LaFee
D'You have A Car ~ SWMRS
The Eagle has Landed ~ Avatar
Faint ~ Linkin Park
Fairly Local ~ Twenty one Pilots
Fall Away ~ Twenty one Pilots
Fallen Levaes ~ Billy Talent
Fenster im Fenster ~ Captain PlanET
Follow You ~ Bring me the Horizon
For Stevie Wonder's Eyes Only (Braille) ~Bring me the Horizon
Freak Machine ~ Fit For Rivals
Glass Houses ~ Bad Omens
Go To Hell, For Heaven's Sake ~ Bring me the Horizon
God Damn ~ Avenged Sevenfold
Guns for Hands ~ Twenty oen Pilots
Hail the Apocalypse ~ Avatar
Hand of Blood ~ Bullet for my Valentine
Happy Song ~ Bring me the Horizon
Hear me Now ~ Hollywood Undead
Heathens ~ Twenty one pilots
Heavydirtysoul ~ Twenty one Pilots
Hell Above ~ Pierce the Veil
Her Voice Resides ~ Bullet for my Valentine
Hospital for Souls ~ Bring me the Horizon
House of Gold ~ Twenty one Pilots
Implicid demand for Proof ~ Twenty one Pilots
In the End ~ Linkin Park
Inise A Nightmare ~ Farewell, my Love
Irgendwas ~ Captain PlanET
It never Ends ~ Bring me the Horizon
The Judge ~ Twnety one Pilots
Kein Liebeslied ~ Kraftklub
Kette ~ Captain PlanET
King for A Day ~ Pierce the Veil
Knives and Pens ~ Black veil Brides
Land Unter ~ Captain PlanET
Landung ~ Captain PlanET
Lane Boy ~ Twenty one Pilots
La Décadence De La Décadence ~ Amanda Woodward
Let it Sleep ~ Asking Alexandria
Light that Sines ~ Fit For Rivals
Lion ~ Hollywood Undead
Lonely Day ~ System of A Down
Lost in the Echo ~ Linkin Park
Loud ~ Annisokay
Lovely ~ Twenty one Pilots
Maria ~ Saltatio Mortis
Message Man ~ Twenty one Pilots
Migraine ~ Twenty one Pilots
Naked City ~ Annisokay
Neuruppin ~ K.I.Z.
New Land ~ Avatar
No way Out ~ Bullet for my Valentine
Numb ~ Linkin Park
Ode to Sleep ~Twenty one Pilots
Off the Heezay ~ Bring me the Horizon
Oh No ~ Bring me the Horizon
Ole und Pia ~ Captain PlanET
One Step Closer ~ Linkin Park
Outside ~ Hollywood Undead
The Outsider ~ Black veil Brides
Pain ~ Hollywood Undead
Palm Trees ~ SWMRS
Paradigm ~ Avenged Sevenfold
Paradise Lost ~ Hollywood Undead
Perfect Weapon ~ Black veil Brides
Pray for Plagues ~ Bring me the Horizon
Pretty on the Outside ~ Bullet for my Valentine
Pyro ~ Captain PlanET
Raising Hell ~ Bullet for my Valentine
Rawwwrr! ~ Bring me the Horizon
Re: They have no Reflections ~ Bring me the Horizon
Revelation ~Black veil Brides
Ride ~ Twenty one Pilots
Run ~ Bring me the Horizon
Sand in den Augen ~ Captain PlanET
S.C.A.V.A. ~ Hollywood Undead
The Scene ~ Eskimo Callboy
Schulterschuss ~ Captain PlanET
Sell your Soul ~ Hollywood Undead
Semi-Automatic ~ Twenty one Pilots
Shadow Moses ~ Bring me the Horizon
Shed Light ~ Bring me the Horizon
Skin & Bones ~ Picture me Broken
Skin to Bone ~ Linkin Park
Slaves to Substance ~ Suicide Silence
Sleepwalking ~ Bring me the Horizon
Smile ~ Annisokay
Spielplatz ~ Captain PlanET
St. Peter ~ Captain PlanET
The Stage ~ Avenged Sevenfold
Stichling ~ Captain PlanET
Stressed Out ~ Twenty one Pilots
Tear in my Heart ~ Twenty one Pilots
Tears don't Fall ~ Bullet for my Valentine
Tell Slater Not To Wash His D**k ~ Bring me the Horizon
This Love, This Hate ~ Hollywood Undead
Throne ~ Bring me the Horizon
Traitors never Play Hang-man. ~ Bring me the Horizon
True Friends ~ Bring me the Horizon
Tulpenfarm ~ Captain PlanET
VIP ~ Eskimo Callboy
Vom Ende an ~ Captain PlanET
Vultures Fly ~ Avatar
Wake Up ~ Suicide Silence
Waking the Demon ~ Bullet for my Valentine
We don't Believe what's on TV ~ Twenty one Pilots
What you Need ~ Bring me the Horizon
Whatever It Takes ~ Hollywood Undead
What's Wrong ~ Annisokay
White Lies ~ Dream State
Who Wants Flowers When You're Dead? Nobody. ~ Bring me the Horizon
Wo sind die Clowns ~ Saltatio Mortis
Worthless ~ Bullet for my Valentine
You can't Stop me ~ Suicide Silence
You Only Live Once ~Suicide Silence
Young ~ Hollywood Undead

Alternative Metal
Alternative Rock
Musik der Mittelalterszene
Nu Metal

Favourite Films & TV

13 Reasons Why
American Horror Story
Breaking Bad
Channel Zero
Club der roten Bänder
Death Note
Family Guy
Gravity Falls
Peaky Blinders
Red Band Society
Rick and Morty
The Big Bang Theory
The Simpsons
Two and A half Men
X-Faktor: Das unfassbare

Get Out
Starving In Sububbia
Suicide Room
The Dark Knight (Why Joker :D)

Favourite Books

Blaue Tulpen [Devon Wolters]
Dark Web [Veit Etzold]
Die Nibelungen [Auguste Lechner]
Es [Stephen King]
Seelenficker [Natascha]

Education / Occupation

The Education System of Germany, is different from Us or Uk.

Who I'd Like To Meet

~ Oliver Sykes [Frontman BmtH]

~ Matt Tuck [Frontman BfmV]
~ Justin Roiland & Dan Harmon [Producers from Rick and Morty]

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