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8DSilentTearD8's Journal

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Apr 02 2012, 10:01 PM

Im am D.O.N.E... My heart has been ripped out of my chest and shredded once again... I hate living in this house. The house I woke up to find my mom DEAD in her bed March 21, 2012. I hate breathing but I continue for now for my sibling... but I don't know how much i can go gone... i cry myself to sleep every night since its happen until i was reunited with my sister.. She lives over 3000 miles away from me... And I lost her again tonight... its like someone saying they love you then the next they r leaving you for over 4 months... it hurts to much to keep going on but i have to... i want to just pull the fucking knife up my arm and say fuck it but can i? No becuz of my fucking sibling without them im done idc they r the most important thing to me besides Meg... Meg if you read this then i want you to know that idk if i can continue with breathing... There is few people keeping me here breathing, moving, and living... People dont know wat its like to wake up to find your mother who was ur best fkin friend dead in her bed... Ill never get the feel of how could her skin was how pale she was or the veins u could see in her arms and face... it klls me to stay in the fucking house but i am FORCED to... I told my dad if we dont move before im 16 im done im moving out and he cant do a damn thing to stop me

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Total Journal Entries: 1