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7Reidioactive7's Journal

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May 27 2012, 05:23 PM

my hands wont hold still, my legs wont move, i'm having trouble breathing..... anxiety attack :l
the day i found out i was moving, i wanted to go back to Chicago
better city, better people, someone i love is there, and i know i would have fun... but no. im moving back to Arizona... i thought was gonna be excited, but i think i started freaking out when i was told i couldn't visit Chicago for the summer... i got shot down in a sec by my step dad, when i had a chance... i need to be around the city or i will break.... im not gonna stop though, grey hound is 40 bucks one way, i get 100 plus what i make, and im going to visit whether they want me to or not, i want to be in the city, i want to be by my best friend i miss her so much, i want to see my boyfriend... and im going to.. whether they like it or not.

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May 22 2012, 10:09 PM

kiss me till my lips are chapped
hold me till i break
let me how much you love me
till my heart begins to ache
hold my hand until i die
heal my pain each day
cuddle me and forever lie
awake with me and say
i will never say goodbye
i'll only say hello
you will ask me why
but you will never know
i say never
and you say forever
i never do lie
when i say i will always try

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May 22 2012, 09:44 PM

haha im just aghh :'l im hated by everyone at my school, my boyfriend wont talk to me.. no one talks to me anymore.. i hate it, i hate being alone... i dont want to be alone... i try to be tough and stand on my own but it never works i end up on my ass crying
whats the point :/
i give up now

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Total Journal Entries: 3