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Emo lyricsknowing everyday you hate me but i don't like you i love you and i don't need you i want youEmo song lyrics
(jessie - hate)

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Emo Meet - London UK - August 2011

xXAbbieXArtismXx's Journal

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May 24 2012, 04:35 PM

Pulse racing,
Heart pounding,
Blood flowing,
He can hear her screams of agony,
She can't breathe,
Gasping for every breath she tries to take,
Losing consciousness,
Everything fades to black,
She's still screaming,
Screaming for him,
But he does not respond,
He only responds to the blonde hair, blue eyed girl now,
When he had fallen in love with the brown hair, green eyed, Celtic girl not too long ago.
She screams his name, 
Screams for his help,
She starts screaming for anybody now,
All she needs is help,
Help of from this black hole, panicky, blood filled space.
She hates it here, she just wants to die,
She hears a cry from someone unknown,
Has someone finally come to save her? 
She may never know.
It may be too little too late.

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Total Journal Entries: 1