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Emo lyricsBaby you light up my world like nobody else.Emo song lyrics
(One Direction - That's what makes you beautiful)

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xxxxrosesbeautyxxx's Journal

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Jul 18 2012, 01:18 PM

hey everyone my reall pic is on my profile: here is my poem

im sorry for lying about wat i look like and yes this is the truth i just wanted to be like u if i hurt u im sorry for keeping the truth i only wanted to b noticed ya its true im done with lying and all it comes to so from now on i will no longer lie to u i feel real bad about wat ive done and no no some ppl dont care but all im saying is i just wanted was to make friends and b fair V.V so im sorry everyone if u think im fake i will understand or if ur mad at me im sorry that i didnt tell u :'(

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Jun 15 2012, 01:01 PM

u told me u loved me u told me u cared but wat happend to all that love we shared i had respect for u but u never did to mii but y y i - i though that u loved me :'(

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Jun 14 2012, 11:33 AM

every day wen i go to skewl i feel like a nobody a person that doesnt even matter or doesnt exist. i feel so lame and down it just hurts i dont feel like i belong wen im with my friends i feel like a loner i feel like tey r just tricking my into their lil mind games. but i love acting fun and weide at skewl becaus i can actually be myself and feel so alone and lost like i do every day but at home im just a loner who sites in her room all day and not my parents are very kind loving ppl who care for me dearly but i just dont understand y i have to hide my ture self from them.... my mom says i play to much and i need to be around ppl more to understand how i act. the only reason i act that way is because i no im not prefect and im not really social cause im stuck in the house all day with no one to talk to or any thing to do but i just want that one person that one special person or a few ppl to just understand wat im trying to say and stop judging just listen i need a feww ppl in my life to hear me out for once let me say wat i need to say let my true feelings out cause being depressed for 3 years with all of these mixed emotions inside me are really taking a toll. but all i ask for once in my life is just to be with that special some who treats me for me and not anything else .... thats just all a girl asks because ive been depressed for 3 years ive been wanting to tell some one about it but i just dont no how 2 no i have never been raped or aboused or done anything illegal but i just want to tell some one how i truly feel about how i dont fit in to this world we call earth or about how i put on a platic smile and act happy we really im hurting deep deep down inside for once in my life i just want to b free from depression and meet new ppl and actually b happy for once so all im asking is plzz just hear me out ...... thats all i ask for.

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Jun 11 2012, 06:36 PM

i feel like im in the shadows with no love just hate i just want to b happy and not feel left out all the time. i just want to feel happy but i feel like something is missing in my life i-i just dont no wat it is yet:'(

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Total Journal Entries: 4