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Emo lyricsYou’re attractive you little witch, you’re beautiful (beautiful…) Your wickedness, you little witch, it broke my heart (it broke my heart…) Enchanting words, you little witch, you cast a spell (I cast my spell…) Emo song lyrics
(Blood On The Dance Floor - Bewitched)

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Emo Meet - London UK - August 2011

rYrY's Journal

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Aug 25 2012, 09:57 AM

Guild Wars 2 Disappointment

So it arrived today, I jumped out of bed and installed it immediately and got myself ready with 4 cans of Monster and around 6 litres of coke...

Unfortunately, after hours and hours of errors and failing, I learned that my serial code isn't active until the 27th because I pre-ordered and didn't pre-purchase -.-

So later I'm gonna go and see Expendables 2, hopefully it should be awesome :D

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Aug 24 2012, 04:56 PM

Expression by Ryry (Redraft

Patterns of shadows conceal him still,
They dance to the tune of the whistling wind,
A lonely man, sat cold upon this hill,
The clouded horizon drawing near.

A greyscale wall of cold jagged stone,
An overhang of leaves, shelter from the rain,
He spoke, in soft and tender tone.
Tears making peace upon his murmer,

"I want to tell you, Dear, of all the things I feel.
How you saved my soul, turned around my life,
Wiped away the past and took my hand."

Brushing away his dark matted hair he rose,
He wiped the tears which stained his cheeks,
Revealing a smile in which he took repose,
Step by step he strode this way,

Untold stories shimmered in his eyes,
He gestured for my hand then whispered,
"My mother once told me, that every real man cries."

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Aug 24 2012, 04:54 PM

Expression by Ryry (1st Draft)

A greyscale wall,
Cold unforgiving stone,
Supporting my body,
Yet chilling to the bone,

An overhang of leaves,
Shelter from the rain,
A clouded horizon,
Masking a world of pain.

Eyes of purity,
With all innocence gone,
Smile proudly still,
As your heart doth go on.

Clutch at thy desire,
Stand and walk with pride,
If there is ever doubt,
You will have me by your side.

A reassuring voice,
Of soft and tender tone,
Please take my hand,
And I will walk you home.

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Aug 24 2012, 04:53 PM

Faith and Misery by Ryry

All around me the sadness is lurking,
The swollen minds, bleeding wrists,
The weeping hearts no longer working,
An unforgiving victim clenching fists,
Try to be strong for those still there,
But when it comes to me, I no longer care,

As the violent burning of my hidden world,
Fiercely melts away all childhood dreams,
All the wishes I made have been twirled,
Now there's no angel on my right it seems,
Like every child should I used to play along,
But drained, it's hard to still be strong,

My friends are trapped and tortured by pain,
Everywhere, the emptiness is twisted,
They're the life im spending in vain,
Answer the questions! Why have I existed?
What can I offer to the ongoing insanity?
Other than to be struck in profanity.

Put the whisky bottle to your lips and swallow,
Our void is filled for one more day,
Underneath the charade is only hollow,
In hell the demons of our lives should stay,
Now I can complete the circle of society,
To love and to hate, there is no variety,

You think you're special, you're only a memory,
Unique is just a word to give people hope,
With no expression the natural emery,
Look right through me, I've learned to cope,
A pathetic planet drowned in stuborn sorrow,
I thank the person that takes away my tomorrow,

Drowning in the tears of those forgotten,
Strangled by the promises of a since gone,
Realise that your hopes are simply rotten,
Spread your hands like a beautiful swan,
Live carelessly to be shot down in dread,
You're world, will cease to exist,
But everything carries on,
Nobody will remember,
Anything you said.

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Total Journal Entries: 4