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Emo lyricsso don't let anyone scare you you know that i'll protect you always all through the thick and thin, until the end Emo song lyrics
(Metro Station - Kelsey)

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Emo Meet - London UK - August 2011

Angel_Zuicide's Journal

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Oct 01 2012, 01:55 AM

wow banned from the chatroom because i spoke some spanish after I pointed out to the mod that he was being a dumbass for kicking meh out. way to be a responsible moderator -.-"

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Sep 13 2012, 11:35 PM

The Taken Night

The night is young, the stars are bright,
this heavy feeling is still here.
Life's rose is wilting, as am I.
The end is in the air and death is near,
suffering of the innocent fall upon me.
Tears are shed for the lost but never forgotten,
weighing down my heart with sorrow and pain.
The night sky above I stare with a feeling of
absence, a need of importance.
The clouds are grey and the soul grows weary,
I can't go on.
Dreams are shattered, life is pale, hollowing
despair is what keeps me going.
The fear of loss, the fear of failure,
but unknowingly is already here.
Weakness of the mind, soul, and body are
one in the same, destined to share
the same painful fate.
My mind is dying on each day, for it
sees what most ignore.
Chilling winds fill the air but no one
to share it with.
Dead silence is heard and steps are taken,
the life is being lost, there is no mistaking.
A farewell is at hand with the cold touch of death,
my beautiful has been taken.

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Sep 12 2012, 02:48 AM

Part II

My body on the street,
lifeless and bloody.
I see a bright light
and its not heaven,
its hell, for my life
has not ended.
Its a man putting a
light to my eyes
asking if I'm ok,
I tell him kill me please.
Unable to move my body,
for it is cold inside
and out.
My sight fades with
every second, and every
minute wanting to die
more and more, to end
this tragedy and
Asking myself why,
why live,
to be with people
who don't care,
to be with friends
who are now my
enimies, or to
get my heart broken
again and again.
My life in the hands
of someone who I
don't even know,
someone who could've
kept going instead
of stopping, maybe
I do matter, maybe
I do have a purpose.
As I was feeling better
and happier, a drunk driver
hits the car that stopped
and rolls over the man
and me, killing us

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Sep 10 2012, 08:29 PM


Laying in the middle
of the street
starring off into
the crying sky.
Why is the
the sky crying,
has it felt the
pain I had deep
inside my heart,
or is it crying
cause its laughing
at me.
Haven't I suffered
enough, why am I
being tortured
like this.
They say it happens
for a reason,
well whats the
reason for
me to suffer every
second of every
minute of every hour
of my life.
I've had enough
but pain keeps
finding me
no matter where
I hide.
As I lay there
thinking about how
my life is
a total disaster,
I hear a car
suddenly stop.
A person walks
up to me and
points a gun
at my head.
I say why bother,
just let it be.
the gun goes off
and now I'm dead,
my final thoughts
are now on the road.
(Ripped. Into. Pieces)
I'm never at peace

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Sep 09 2012, 11:47 PM

Day to night and night to day, i feel safer to
lay beside the darkness. the light hides from
me and the shadows appear before my eyes.
the stars frown and the moon cries cause they
may shine bright but they are so far apart.
the heart stays alone beating in the dark,
the mind floating in the abyss. the night always
stays young and the day always stays long,
but even so life is still so short. angels
cry and demons smile upon tragedy and despair.
everyone is born to hurt people but no one is
born to really love someone. life is a blur but
death is clear, i walk a line to nowhere and it
begins at the end. light flashes and all is
gone, smoke takes over and everything appears.
life is dead, death is alive, you live to die and
you die to live. the world may be moving but
your body is still. the eys travel at the speed
of light, to see into the future and also the past.
blood runs hot and the heart is cold which kills
the mind from the body and stays so numb and free
but caged like a beast with no hope and in pain.
the heart hurts but yet it will not die, you may
stab it, burn it, shred it, and rip it in half
but it will always beat for that one special
thing you can call yours one day. the mind can
explode and the body may still live,
nothing in this world can really make you feel.
the good is bad, the strong are weak,
i plant my body at your feet, i lay beside
your body to keep you warm but all i get in return
is your cold back laughing at meh.
The night shines and the day is dark but the
clouds will never leave your sight.
the soul is empty, the body is hollow, life
is a fog to get lost within.
will i care if i care or lye in the side walk and
perish in a flash of darkness.
life isn't real, dreams aren't fake, rality is what
it is and anything can change it.
dust isn't to dust and ashes isn't to ashes,
life doesn't last long and yet it feels so alone.
roses are red, violets are blue, this is pathetic
and life is too.

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Sep 09 2012, 01:58 AM

What is real pain.
What is the reason for pain.
Why does life urge it,
I've felt so much pain
during my life that I have
become an addict to it.
The only pain I don't like
but recieve it more than
any other pain is the
pain of love, it leaves
me scars deep inside that
no one can see but so deep
that it hurts to live.
Pepople use pain to escape
their problems or just to
feel something, to know that
they can feel.
Does one know the real
definition of pain, is it what
we feel when we hurt or is
it just an obsticle that
life throws at people to
see how much one person
can endure, if it is then
my future is fucked cause
I'm young and I've endured
so much and I can tell
its only the beginning.
I look up into the night
asking eventhough I know
that I won't get any
answers but with hope
in my eyes of everything
getting better even if it
is just an illusion.
I wonder just how much
more pain I can handle.

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Sep 08 2012, 07:17 AM

Deaphly Cry

If thou shall be destined to live amongst the sad and weak,
be better off to let the heart beat no more,
void the heart and drain it of its love
for thou shall not be useful in this life no more,
and thyself shall be weak for your heart can't belong to thyself,
i cry for thee, i cry for death may be the only way to be,
the sweet scent of your beauty is not lost nor gone
for i still bask in your essence.
sadden in not having that which having is great
but being ripped from thy hand is a fate worst than death before me.
my mind not ever at ease in my mind the thought of you not with me,
so death i choose thyself to show and take me,
for i am nothing without my Juliet as a rose without its red beauty.
please take peace in thy soul
for i become no man without thy love in my heart to accompany thee,
no man worth life, no air, and no soul.
i damn thyself for i will pain, pain deep for you my love,
deeply in the shadows
where the memory will always lay about.
where tears i shall shed be.
In the drenches of where all bleeding bleed.
the mind will take no more and thy heart will shatter.
thy fragile heart will take no more in mans cruelty.
have mercy on thy soul, no i can't take it any more.
may the shadows take part in my leaving
and take me to the beautiful underworld.
Let thy blood be the proof that i am only human.
Let thy broken heart be proof that i can die and still live.
Let thy hatred be proof that i will suffer no more.
Let thy pressence be proof that I'm still here.
fate may write thy life story, let it bleed me dry but i shall
still stand, holding up a weary hand holding onto dear life.
let death wrap itself around thee, on thy knees i shall be.
shedding tears of pain that will never go away.
into the night i release thy soul, in which the path i'll never go
i go alone, i die alone
thy soul fades, it fades alone

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Total Journal Entries: 7