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Emo lyricsplease dont take this out on me beacuse you are the only thing thats keeping me alive no i dont want to wait for the down set date i would rather end it all tonight if i mean any thing to you im sorry ive made up my mindEmo song lyrics
(Pierce The Veil - bulls in the bronxs)

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lonely_on_the_inside's Journal

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Nov 17 2012, 11:51 AM

:( Hey, my lifes pretty messed up at the moment and I would really like some advice:
- I went (younger)to watch Twilight BD 2 (YAY)today with my 'friends' sister and cousin but my friend ditched me straight away as soon as she saw the popular kids (who said they were going with me to their parents cause their parents know I'm mice- including my friend) and I was the reason they were even allowed to go, but half of them didn't even say hi to me. They bought tickets with me, but after they pushed in front of me in the queue to get McDs got their food, they went straight to the cinema without me while I was ordering and didn't even leave me a seat so I was sitting on the opposite end of the theatre with my sis and cuz and after they left without me to get more food... Then my friend called me saying everyone else left and asked where I was.....as if she cared. #bitches
-my close family e.g. Mum dad siblings bully me literally, my brother dragged me out the house cause I wouldn't go karate once and my mum forced me to change clothes ( my siblings held me down)
-... My laptop broke so I keep getting in detentions for not doing it work and what really takes the piss is that I do BTEC and GCSE and I'm really behind but I can't dfo the work at achool cause I get in trouble for not getting home on time or if I leave to early cayse my parents have to watch mne eat sice they think I'm anorexic
-i never used to get bullied till now, its just started and its mot serious, the boy in my ict GCSE class has strted punching my arm(not much but I'm too fragile so it hurts) copying my work and has begun throwing spitballs around class (not directly at me but they hit me a lot and he doesn't try to stop in an attempt to be cool, but I've never been picked on in any way before except by this one girl when I was 8 who was in my class but used her status as my friend's friend to insult me
-my family got a cat and I have a very big phobia of cats after I was attacked by one when I was so I can't go toilet without checking if the cats far enough away
-i applied for this writing project since I have always wanted to be one but other 'friends' got in instead -eventhough I'm 10x more dedicated than them and they ask me for help on work. #tactless
-i have people who come and sit with me out of pity at lunch and break and I'm too stubborn to accept their pity(these 2 girls stalk me at skl but not after that...) The friend from the cinema is one if these people, but I think she is just trying to butter me up.

Life is dead... Advice please
Remember that I am very shy so I can't make new friends unless people approach me and I can't stick up for myself

#lonelyontheinside AKA yasmin

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Total Journal Entries: 1