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Emo lyricsI was born one morning in December on the coldest day, abandoned by my mother whom my father I was raised. My father raised my brother and I with a stubborn heart, my mother left me her good looks and confident charms.Emo song lyrics
(Falling In Reverse - The Westerner)

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AlyssaHope17's Journal

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Dec 07 2012, 06:33 PM

So funny the way the world works...(: The girl I mentioned in my last post, ended up breaking up with her girlfriend a little while ago, and last night, she kissed me. It was so perfect. We were laying in her bed at like, 4 a.m., and we were just talking. I said something about how I love how I can tell her anything, and it feels like I've known her forever, and she looked at me with this face like she was in thought. I asked her what she was thinking, and she just smirked and looked away. I kept bothering her to tell me, and finally she said "Tell you? How about I show you?" I was pretty sure I knew what she meant, but I asked "Show me? How do you show someone a thought??" Then she got really close to me to the point where our faces were almost touching, and she smirked again, and said, "Like this.." And then she kissed me.. It was perfect. <3 Then she and I just smiled and kept talking, and about 30 minutes after that, I asked if she was sleepy, and she said "Nope." But I knew she was, since her eyes were closing a little, so I said "Well you look like it!" And she replied and said "But the night's not over yet.." and I looked at her confused, and she told me I was a big baby and laughed. I knew she wanted me to kiss her, but I said that I'm shy.. So she put her hands on m face, and kissed me again. Then she said "There, I got my goodnight kiss." We smiled, I held on to her arm as she held me, and we fell asleep that way. Such a perfect night! <3 I'm so crazy about this girl..

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Nov 19 2012, 12:12 AM

This girl has no idea how crazy I am about her.. The girl she's with treats her like shit, and I just wish I could be the one to bring back that gorgeous smile for good.. When she hurts, I hurt. It's a connection I've never felt to another person. She makes me feel safe enough to be vulnerable with her, and open up about things I've never told anyone.. She is the reason my eyes light up, and the reason I smile. She is beauty in it's purest form, and her beauty is only exceeded by that of her heart. I never want to let that go.. If only she knew how much better she deserved to be treated.

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Nov 17 2012, 08:44 PM

God, I fucking hate insecurities! I shouldn't give a damn about what other girls look like. How pretty they are, what they wear, how skinny they are.. I'm beautiful the way I am, and I was created exactly the way I was meant to be. Fuck my internal comparisons. :/ Gahhhhhh.

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Nov 04 2012, 09:14 PM

Things are getting better again.(: Tomorrow I start my job, I'm finding out the medical results, and right now, I'm waiting on my friend to get off work so I can get my first tattoo!(: So excited!!

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