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Emo lyricsI am not afraid. I won't burn out in this place. My intention is to to fade and I will, I will.Emo song lyrics
(The Pretty Reckless - House On A Hill)

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Emo Meet - London UK - August 2011

Tonylikestorock's Journal

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Mar 01 2013, 07:21 PM

i know i haven't been on.
i doubt it really makes a difference, but im just going to pretend your all heart broken.
because i just feel...abandoned and betrayed. by so many people.
im just done. im figuring, if i don't try, i won't get hurt.
id rather be numb again then what im feeling now.
so, yeah.

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Jan 30 2013, 04:51 PM

i haven't been on?
Maybe im tired of lies and the shit.
-ill get on when i feel more tolerant to shit.

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Jan 19 2013, 06:19 AM

ok bitches, stop your scrolling and read this shit
my band is making me preform an acoustic song infront of a bunch of people.....
give me your opinon on what i wrote, i havent gotten down the guitar notes yet, so i want to make sure its worth the effort

there used to be a time
i was content with life
how it has changed
these days
there used to be a time
when i said love
how much it hurt
for my heart to break
go a little faster
for me
oh how time flys by quickly
go a little faster
i see
oh how people come and stay

there used to be a time
i prayed every night
but i lost my faith
im sorry
there used to be a time
i belived every single lie
you told me
go a little faster
for me
oh time does go by quickly
go a little faster
i see
this wont ever happon again
to me
go a little faster
i learned from the pain
all the time i spent
walking in the rain

go a little faster
can you hear me
make these bad times
just a memory
go a little faster
i wont listen when you tell me
to stop whatever im doing
because time keeps passing me by
i cant close my eyes
if i blink, youll go away
go a little faster
go a little faster

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Jan 14 2013, 05:26 AM

lol so, my friends and i are planning to have a three people party two weeks from now evolving a large amount of drugs.
i just want to say, if we in fact OD and die, i will live my life right now to the max.
i also would like to let you know, i love you all, most of you.
and that whatever drama comes your way in the future on this site, just remember, bacon taste great.
bacon is the answer.

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Jan 06 2013, 01:07 AM

everytime i hear her name im reminded of her.
my sisters been dead for 8 months
i dont show it well but im still punishing myself for her death, let me chip away at my insides until im as dead as she is.
fighting never helped the pain go, nither did drugs.
so ill just live this way until i decide to have enough.
one day ill get the courage
but maybe not tonight

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Dec 30 2012, 05:01 PM

broke me
and now you want to hurt me more
i acted glued together
but inside there was a war
scared forever, never be the same
your abandonment made me stronger
your lies were a game
act like your ok
but now the guilt is eating you away
im happy because of your pain
i hate you
its very plain
you left me for a prettier girl
i replaced you with a better model
dont try to be my friend
to make amends
because i wont play pretend
broke me
but now im stronger
ive forgotten you
now move on
----------------To my wonderful ex Dakota. May you rot in hell <3

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Dec 27 2012, 08:33 PM

there is no repent
for what you've done
i hate you
i have moved on
your making amends
but everyone's dead
so your guilty in the end
fallen angel
turned demon
can you hear me?
im already screaming

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Dec 21 2012, 06:54 PM

*deep breath*
hanging with my scene friends in an hour.....
i have to dress scene...god help me
i dont think i have anymore shirts from when i was a six yearold....

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Dec 18 2012, 04:24 PM

Some girls are addicted to drugs, some girls are sluts.
I, dye my hair every day.
and really, you want to get pissy with me for that???
id rather be known as crayola than whore.
get your shit together women.

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Dec 12 2012, 04:22 AM

i think every druggie comes to that point in life where they OD on the floor of their room at 2 am. get sent to the ER. die a few mins then wake up to find out that their parents may send them to rehab.
that is the point where they use that magical combination of "fuck no" and "thats stupid"
but anyways, if im not on its because the hospital staff are bitches

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Dec 05 2012, 11:15 PM

future tony, please take note

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Dec 05 2012, 05:59 PM

love is bringing me down
today and yesterday
i don't make a sound
i die silently
yes im alone
but im far to old
to beg anymore
so just go

fuck your promises that were hollow and empty
i dont ever want to have that fairytale ending
i refuse to take comfort in the arms if a lier
to be destroyed in the end and burnt like fire

ignited, undecided
a cower less approach to an exit
i just love the way you end it
so pathetic
such a man
your a retard, damn

like really?
block me?
then lie for 5 days?
what the hell, were you too ashamed?
your sopossed to be mature but all i see is a bitch
your weak and about to get stitched
rich, hitting on other girls
when you tell me i broke you
destroyed your world
like i said, just a lire
underneath that frown
is a demon, a killer, an un amusing clown

i guess im pissed
but who wouldn't be?
if their boyfriend was just fucking shitty
i must have been crazy
to love you baby
ive been liking pathetic losers lately

can you love me for myself?
no, well then, ill see you in hell
don't try to tell me to change
because im gong to stay the same
your retarded ok?
lets just say, goodbye forever

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Dec 03 2012, 12:37 AM

i am now dating myself
YES, because im just so amazing and understanding, and relationships are stupid.
so, im going to date myself.
were steady
i have a good feeling about this one

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Dec 01 2012, 02:00 PM

The worst pain?
it stings me and burns
the feeling hurts worse than any hex or curse
it starts in your heart then it flows through your veins
crippling you, killing you, driving you insane

i may never trust again
look the same
every broken promise takes more away
im gone my friend and im someone else
waiting to die and retire to hell

tally marks on my arms
with a blade i carve and carve
one for every memory
one for every lie
another that counts for how dead i am inside
im breathing but not because i want to stay alive
im just waiting for the moment in time
when i decide to die

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Nov 30 2012, 10:32 AM


every day was just a guilt trip
every second was an excuse to cut
every minute was another fight
every day you just broke my trust

this time, im telling you no
this time, im letting you go
this time, ill be on my own
this time, yeah this time, im not going to fail myself

ignorance and false hope for a future you will never have
dreams to big for you to understand
plans too complicated to comprehend
and a very short time to make things right again

pretend like you are bright
defend your choice to fight
ignore the truth that lies in front of you
walk forward into the depths of false solitude

this time, im not gonna miss you
this time, your words wont hurt
this time, im putting down the knife
this time, yeah this time, i know im fine

cant rewind the past like a video
cant put things on repeat like a CD
cant live happily ever after like in a movie
cant scratch it like a DVD

your an idiot to be honest
it took me a while before i got it
you play mind games until you get what you've wanted
so many things you never had but flaunted

this time, im not stooping to your level
this time, im taking the road less traveled
this time, im winning this battle
this time, yeah this time, im not going have it

so go ahead put people against me
so go ahead try to beak me down with my enemy's
so go ahead and keep feeding lies to the unknown
so go ahead and start reaping a heart already sewn

this time, my skin will be unbroken
this time, no blood will be flowing
this time, im on my own
this time, yeah this time, im the one sewing

i know i have lots of scares
i know i have lots of let downs
i know i have a variety of overused frowns
i have lots of doubts

because every day was a guilt trip
every second was an excuse to cut
every minute was another fight
every day you broke my trust

but this time, im getting back up
this time, i dont give a fuck
this time, you can push me down
this time, yeah this time, im not staying on the ground

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Nov 30 2012, 08:45 AM

Hour one of groundation for going pee,
This room is like a cage and i am the bird forever trapped in its steel bars of evil.
A falcon. I mean, if i were any bird, i would so be a falcon. Falcons are so cool and i like to punch things so like if i was a falcon and i punched someone i could yell "FALCON PUNCH!"
Dad is in the hallway giving a freaking tour of our small house like we live in some mansion and not in the white ghetto.
Oh yes, there is a white ghetto here in Florida.
Dad already took away every musical instrument that i could possibly cause disruption with.
what a cruel man....
I'm left to my computer and my unspoken thoughts that i type here.
This majestic falcon is hungry.
But no tacos for me tonight...


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Nov 29 2012, 06:54 AM


lost a friend today
she slit her wrists again
with a sharp taut silver razor
she was on the deep end
somewhere in her mind
she didn't want to die
with a arm full of scars she just
could take the pain of life

here we go don't trip
this is how we live
i have a bunch of friends with razors
with bruised hearts with bloodied fists
so alone, no one understands
no one dares defend
walk this road alone
until we decide to end

lost a friend again
his name was Sam
he was on his own
got a gun and in his head he made a hole
all my friends have razors
that cut deep into the bone
all my friends have razors
in a world that's just so cold

here we go don't trip
with bruised hearts and bloodied fists
fighting a losing battle
trying to stay strong, but were just kids
cant tuck the pain inside
it hurts too much to cry
one sharp cut will make us right

watches the world with jaded eyes
building up a tolerance to getting high
bad things happen when shes sober
life gets old
as shes getting older
end up on the streets again
all by herself with no friends
drank that last bottle of vodka
then she descends
off that bridge

here we go don't trip
this is how we live
i have a bunch of friends with razors
with bruised hearts with bloodied fists
yes it's kind of stupid
but what can you do
the worlds cruel
and the victim is you

screams that echo through the night
he yells because he knows hes too weak to fight
the words they say
cause him the deepest rage
brought a gun to school
and payback was paid

all my friends have razors
i remember every one of them
every scar and mark
was every time i failed to defend
they may be gone
but their ghost's are not
deep inside my heart
their story's are never lost

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Nov 25 2012, 10:20 PM

I wont give everything away.
Lies wont get you anything today.
Why you try drives me crazy.
To rule my life.
Because im too lazy.
Back off, im telling you now.
whats that? there's something you want to talk about?
too late, my trust in you is gone.
you lost your voice the day i moved on.

is there some logical accusation in your words?
or do you just curse
until your overworked and hurt?
act like your the victim and whine to your bitches
like i give a shit, im fabulous
insults don't hurt
i have a bullshit filter
your not getting through
so ill just sit back and relax and drink an ice cold miller

the weak ones said
i deserved to be cursed
but their words never hurt
i know that they didn't know me in the first place
if they did they would take back words they say
and replace it with better things
but, that's okay
weak ones are fake
they wont know the real
until the day they learn to feel
but, that outcomes sealed
in an airtight box of arrogance
so surreal

okay so lets just say
im not as great as i claim
yes, i make mistakes
but were all the same
don't prosecute me for what i do
because, fuck you
yeah that's what i said
back off unless you want to end up dead
get out of your head
realize the way you have lived
your bound by the chains of society
expectations met, but when you end, it means nothing but a few tears and a never ending thread
of the same old shit

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Nov 23 2012, 10:47 PM

your blackness is not going to consume
the pain you conflicted will not resume
intentions shadowed in darkness
life's shadowed in death
you used to live to bring
now you live to take
stay out of my life
don't cross this line
my heart
my time
no longer will i cry
for being the good guy
no longer will this guilt
make me think that my existence is a crime
not going to tell myself these scars are for the good
not something to remember
to become stronger
your soul only brings darkness
i will walk the farthest
in this path of blinding night

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Nov 20 2012, 08:17 PM

trustworthy lairs at every turn
reality is understood now
like a whack to the head everything makes sense
but worlds were destroyed for you to understand
i cant defend
my actions depend on the decent
how fast can i sink into the depths of depression
until i use the pain
to control again
wont pretend
like everything's alright because its not
feels like im caught in a spiderweb
in a tight knot
no air to breathe
so just suffocate
until im lost
its about time they remember me
death always brought out the good side
so true
like you knew
how it would cease in the end
a day of love
then a day of sin
how shameful
how it all fell down
pride keeps me shoving the feeling around
just bound
to do something stupid
here we go
back on that road again
first class ticket to failure
watch as i crescent

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