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Emo lyricsSo this is all for you! I know you wanna break me and take me down too! But i will refuse cuz i can make them scream! And I believe all eyes and your lies will see through blacklisted me!Emo song lyrics
(Blacklisted Me - Blackisted Me)

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Emo Meet - London UK - August 2011

AshleyLovezKnives's Journal

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Jun 01 2013, 08:09 AM

I dont think im a human.
Its like im from another
planet or some shit.
Humans let they're
emo-tions out,
i let them build inside.
Its like im gettin token
over from an alien..
Im very cold,
like ice.if yu touch my hand
or something, You'll
feel a cold chill
going up yur body.
im like a cold ghost
Im a 134 years old
In human years
Im 17...Im not a human.
im not the same i am
a marshin...

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May 18 2013, 02:07 PM

Idk, what to do,im so
confused,im in a dark room,
all alone, i look right,
left, up down,pitch black.
not a single light...............
Ughh :/ ..im in pain.people say
"dont be rushed cuz
hurrying causes mistakes
and teasure the choices yu
make,and know when
yu must take it slowerr"
I try all the time
nothing helps..AT ALL.
I love him,but im inlove
w/ her..god.im so confused..
im lefted behind,idk what to do
all because of yu....-_-

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Apr 18 2013, 04:43 PM

Oki.yu lefted me like a month ago. i need to stop haning on to our past. yu have someone new and yeah im friend's with tht person.but im not gunna sit and fight wit tht person just cuz yu two our dating.no im a new person i changed but one more thing.you lefted me for no reason because i didnt cheart,lie or disrepect yu in any way.but whateves,and done in over..wish yu the best of luck yu two :D

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Mar 12 2013, 02:14 AM

That Moment When
The Person You Love
The Most Say ''Single''
Your Like Smh
He The Samee
Sorry Im Not The Best
Gurlfwend But Atleast
I Fuckin Try 2 Be
There,Lmfao He Silly Af
Smh,Well,Ur Lost
-Ashley's Strong-

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Mar 05 2013, 04:52 PM

Hii,Im Sorry If Im Not On Much
Or Dont Talk Cuz Im Either
Im Shy/Nerves Or Im Just Busy
Well,Msg/Add Me
Bye Byeeee
-Ash Boo <3

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Feb 20 2013, 01:39 PM

Do you know what its like when nothing feels alright?,To be me?.To be hurt?,To feel lost?,To be left out in the dark?,To be kicked when
your down?,To feel like you been pushed around?,To be
on the edge of breakin down?,
And no one's there to save
you?,No you dont know
what its like

When People Hurt Me ,They Bring Me Down,But I Realized That,When People Hurt You
Over And Over Again,
Think of Them As ,Sand Paper.
They May Scratch And
Hurt You A Bit,But In
The End, You End Up Polished
And They End Up Useless

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Total Journal Entries: 6