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rachel_rebellion's Journal

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Jul 14 2013, 10:41 PM

So today was definitely one of the best days I've had in a LOOONG time... first i go to lead worship at my church and my crush shows up :) i hadn't seen him in over a month and i really missed him. I got to hang out with him for over 4 hours while leading and during our breaks, we even sat together during the free breakfast <3 he remembered that i said he owed me a coffee since he couldn't go to the church prom and hang out as we had planned so i wouldn't be alone. so when we sat down to eat he brought me over a cup of coffee. we talked for a looong time without anyone else at our table. we disgussed music and listened to music. and he is so sweet. then right around 11AM i had a freak attack because Ronnie f***ing Radke fallowed me on twitter.. i was like dying. We joked around and he was totally sweet and funny. we came up with something to do everytime we see each other, he's in his own professional band called Kemical Kill and he's gonna give me guitar lessons for only $10 (which is really f***ing cheap in case you didn't know) and so that was really good. then i got ice cream and filled out my papers for camp and omg omg omg today was just AMAZING!!!!

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Total Journal Entries: 1