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Emo lyricscreepy girls your just my style blood red lipstick you dont smile fallen victim to your fantasy damm i love it that your so creepyEmo song lyrics
(Ghost Town - creepy girls)

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Deathrekees's Journal

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May 01 2013, 05:15 PM

I'm balling my eyes out cuz I just broke up with the best guy in the world... he was the only person who could bring me happiness in a time of need... he now feels guilty cuz of breaking up with me... I just really loved him and it's so hard to get over him. I just think I screwed up more than ever by thinking he actually liked me... well I'm more of an emo now cuz of this pain... he was the best guy in the world... I was really glad to be his boyfriend... I just knew this would happen... URG I WANT TO KILL MYSELF NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

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Mar 29 2013, 04:00 PM

I feel like killing myself now. I've started to notice that I've taken everybody's happiness away just to please my self. I hate it that I can be so cruel to people and not notice it. I think that nobody would care if I kill myself, I don't deserve happiness nor love. I've been told to kill myself non-stop I'm starting to think I should. I'm pathetic and selfish and I can never control my own feelings. I just want to die now and not a single person cares. I guess I should.

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Total Journal Entries: 2