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Emo lyricsI am lost without you here, and outside it looks like rain. Tonight I bleed myself dry. I bleed myself dry.Emo song lyrics
(Motionless In White - city lights)

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Yours_Truly's Journal

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Nov 08 2013, 01:18 PM

goddamn it :/
this shit keeps getting worse, and worse, and worse :(
my guts keep turning and i can't stop it >.<
goddamn it i need some advice :(
i need to get rid of these goddamn memories, and this trust issue...

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Oct 30 2013, 10:42 PM

i love feeling like I can trust someone only to see something that makes me think "oh, how lovely, looks like they've been bullshitting me" so. now I'm not even gonna try anymore.
you want my trust back?
you want to talk to me?
you look at what pissed me off, and upset me.
and put new cuts all over me.
and you think to yourself for a moment.
and when you realize why I'm done, we can talk again.
but till then.
forget it

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It's funny how easy it is to turn my stomach, put it in knots. and piss me off, I love how I feel like I trusted you, and then I see what I see and this is how im gonna react. the perfect end to my shitty ass day, thanks for that. and you know who you are when I say this.

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Oct 20 2013, 03:21 PM

you kick the ladder from under my feet,
you let me fall from fifty feet,
you watch and laughed at me like any other,
i can't believe i called you my father...

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Oct 01 2013, 07:41 PM

i came back to you, opened that door, and said i miss you.
i still love you, more then you'll ever know, but now that door, it needs to be closed.
i said i miss you, i said i love you, and i meant that i do.
i didn't expect you to turn around and go to another...
i didn't know we would do this again...
i love you more then anything, it's why i re-opened the door...
why i let down the wall i put up around myself to keep away from you...
but now we've slammed the door, and i got all new bricks... im putting my wall up again, and putting a new lock on.
i said i love you... but goodbye works just as good as saying anything else...

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Total Journal Entries: 4