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Emo lyricsLife is short, I'll make it what's worth With time well spent, time spent so well So don't run away, just face the new day Without a single fear in mind Just take it one day at a timeEmo song lyrics
(Suicide Silence - Fuck Everything)

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Emo Meet - London UK - August 2011

symphonyofsympathy's Journal

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Mar 26 2014, 12:48 PM

symphonyofsympathy - soEmo.co.uk

Long time;
hey guys it's been a while
thought i'd just say if you want to just chill with my come add me on faacebook and we'll be pals or something
i lose track of how many sites i'm linked up to half of the time

also i may create some youtube videos soon
so be sure to subscribe to my account here:

and yeah hope you're all doing well
and hopefully we'll catch up again at some point !!!

Note: if you're having problems finding my facebook account for any reason check out the soEmo group on there and I'm abouts in there somewhere, (also beware, I have two facebook accounts)

and I'll see you later skaters!
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