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Emo lyricsI wanna be your lost boy your last chance. Emo song lyrics
(All Time Low - SomeWhere In Neverland)

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KittyKatWhiskers's Journal

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Sep 28 2013, 01:53 AM

so your hearts been broken and you feel like your falling apart, everything you eat taste's like ash in your mouth and sitting in a room full of people who are talking but yet you hear nothing as you look out into nothing....your not the only one, we have all been there and done that, we wished for the things that happened not to happen but guess what they did. You cant change it so dont live in the past, take it as a lesson of life and learn from it. if you and her/him were meant to be then this wouldnt of happened. Spread your wings and become someone better and dont make the same mistakes as you did back then, be smart and be loved. Good look <3

life is like a rose, its starts as a bud all closed off and shuts out the word but come the right time it will blossom and show its true beauty, yes it may wither and the petals will fall but thats the best part because that bud will return and start all over again just like life. everyday morning you start off as a bud and blossom during the day and come the next morning it will start again <3

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Total Journal Entries: 1