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Emo lyricsWake me up, before you go-go, 'cos i'm not plannin' on going solo.Emo song lyrics
(Wham - Wake me up before you go-go)

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Emo Meet - London UK - August 2011

XxblackgummibearxX's Journal

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Oct 16 2014, 07:51 AM

Hey guys!!!!!!
So here's my first vocal cover!!!!!!!!!!
I hope you guys like it
If you do please like and comment
And there's more coming so subscribe too ^^

And this is a song I wrote myself ^^

Thank you in advance <333333333333

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Mar 25 2014, 05:37 AM

- Stupid. - Perfect
- Ugly
- Psychotic
- Morose
- Overdramatic
- Pathetic
- Trash
- Worthless
- Freaky
- Untalented
- Fat
- Naive
- Childish
- Gullible

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Feb 20 2014, 08:27 AM

It's Just That Day
Today's that day where, everything goes wrong and only the bad things happen; nothing good ever shows itself to give me that tiny ounce of "You can still move on". Todays that day where, it's like only hell exists and God is such a bullshit lie. Today's that day where, I'm so empty inside, it feels like its an abyss. Today's that day where, everyone that hates me seems to notice me even more than usual and they feel they need to release it... On me. Today's that day where, breathing feels like such a sin and aches with every second my heart beats. Today's that day where, I know nothing will ever make anything better. Today's that day where, I look at the world as the biggest regret and mistake. Today's that day where, my friend feels like my enemy. Today's that day where, my heart turns into a bruised hole. Today's that day where, someone tries to make me happy its like I'm being chained up and whipped. Today's that day where, I feel I've finally broke and there's nothing to fix it. Today's that day where, I realize my hopes and dreams are exactly what they are; fake. Today's that day where, I know Grim is watching and waiting for that misstep. Today's that day where, all the laughs sound like screams and every smile is just another stabbing reminder. Today's that day where, I feel like my whole life is grey. Today's that day where, I wish I didn't exist. Today's that day where, I wish I would just drop dead. Today's that day where, my tears turns to blood and white anger. Today's that day where, I'm so close to that point of insanity and that one slight movement turns you into my killing game. Today's that day where, just a tap will send me into a meltdown. Today's that day where, when I snap and I'm the last thing you see. Today's that day where, that knife is just soo tempting. Today's that day where, you took my heart and tore it in two. I'll make today the day where I finally, just end it all, get it over with, and disappear. I'll make today that day where, I'm finally not scared to pull it. I'll make today the day where, wanting you back is to die for.

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Feb 04 2014, 06:49 AM

I'm not pretty
I'm not skinny
I'm not awesome
I'm not funny
I'm not creative
I'm not nice
I'm not talented
I'm not perfect
So live with the facts
And open your eyes
See the truth in the light
I'm everything opposite
Of what you say
And those who hate me
Will have their day
I know who I am
So it's not worth your breath to lie
I know what I am
I'll never change
I'll never try
Cut the crap
And try to the truth
I'm someone who will never
Believe you

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Feb 03 2014, 05:42 AM


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Jan 21 2014, 10:04 AM

How does heartbreak feel? In a vague, brief description, heartbreak feels like being run through by a wooden stake then having very slowly pulled out. Then after being slowly cut open, your ribs are torn out and you heart is ripped out its belonging place then thrown in a fire, all while you are awake, and witnessing and feeling every second of that torture and pain. That's how it feels... But one day I'll make you feel this pain for real.

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Jan 21 2014, 07:06 AM

Why would you say "I love you", when you dont even mean it?
Why would you lie, just to make yourself feel better?
Why would you say it, when you know that every time you do, i fall father down
And then when it's over, I cant get back out of the hole you dug and pushed me into.
In the end, i tried to give you everything and let you in so deep.
But all you left me with was dust where my heart is supposed to be.

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Nov 22 2013, 12:02 PM

I feel so guilty right now...

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Nov 15 2013, 08:51 AM

Bullies don't like emos cause they aren't like them.....
That's y i ended up in the hospital the other day...
Well, swirlies aren't fun first of all
They really aren't
Am i really such a alien that i deserve this pain from them
What did i ever do so wrong for them to want to hurt me so bad?
Please tell me
Am i really a psycho?
Am i really such a bad person?
Do i need to go to hell?
Why the fuck am i even alive?
Do i need to be hurt more often?
Does being mentally sick make me evil?
Tell me
Please tell me
Do i even deserve to be alive?

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Oct 28 2013, 08:02 AM

I hate you
I hate you
I hate you
I hate you
More than you'll ever know
I hate you
I hate you
I hate you
I hate you
Those are the only words you'll get from me
Never "I love you"
Never " Please" and/or "Thank You"
Cause guess what Bitch
I don't respect you
Again and again
I'll hate you over and over
You'll never make up for the pain you made me feel
And I'll never recover and never heal
You killed me from the inside out
It's something that your cruel, black heart will never figure out
I hate being related to you
I hate being being around you
When all you do is put me down and make me cry from the inside
You hate that i'm emo
But what you don't understand is that i was born with it
And it's petty much your fault you fucking jackass
For making me this way
But one day you're going to hell
And you're gonna pay

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Total Journal Entries: 10