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Emo lyricsEverywhere I look there’s agony and pain.. What’s the point of fighting when there’s nothing to save?Emo song lyrics
(Alesana - Vestige)

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xX_Broken_Inside_Xx's Journal

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Apr 27 2014, 05:05 PM

you know....i honestly thought that i was needed here. that the reason why ive been holding on so long is because of my fear of dying. but now i just think to myself that its alright. i will be ohtay when im gone. when the time comes (which shall be soon) i will think of everything i couldnt fix in my life. and ill let that take me home.

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Apr 25 2014, 08:52 PM

why the hell is this happening again...its almost as if this was meant to be. i dont care what happens anymore. so if anything happens i wanted it. i will suffer

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Feb 03 2014, 10:19 AM

I'm so fucking tired of being alone all the damn time. I'm so fucking done of pretending to be happy when I'm not. I want to just disappear and see if anyone would at least fucking notice. I just need someone to take me away from it all..

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Total Journal Entries: 3