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Emo lyricsI've lost my goddamn mind It happens all the time I can't believe I'm actually Meant to be here Trying to consume The drug in me is you And I'm so high on misery Can't you see?Emo song lyrics
(Falling In Reverse - The drug in me is you)

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Emo Meet - London UK - August 2011

BloodEmotion's Journal

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Dec 06 2013, 10:00 AM

BloodEmotion - soEmo.co.uk

OK. this is it... My final decision... she is my world now... she might not be able to let herself return my love, but she is my world... I will seek her out when I am old enough... I will one day stroke her cheek, wipe away her tears and say I love you in the flesh... all I can do now is hope (allthough be it with guilt) that she will be able to return the feeling in other ways than pain one day... untill that day comes... I hope she will remain happy... for... I have found The one... My other half... and... I now understand the meaning of True Love... and (although in pain) I am happy... that I have found what I have been searching for...
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