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Emo lyricsGive me back my oxygen mask Cause I don't want to feel the walls of my heart collapse So put me under. I would sooner die on this table Than face what causes me to be so unstable...Emo song lyrics
(SayWeCanFly - The Art Of Anesthesia)

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just-a-voice's Journal

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Oct 25 2014, 04:56 AM

The other day, some Douche Canoe came up to me, with a red marker, marked across his wrist, and said, "Hey, now I'm like you"... honestly can't believe I've been getting bullied by a guy who stole Miley Cyrus's haircut. Honestly people should just be nicer to one another but instead they all drive off hate and anger. I was gonna say something back to him but all I said was," you're not worth the time or the words so just piss off and go fuck yourself". He walked aand some redneck joined in trying to make fun of the fact that I listen to screamo... I'm just sitting in my desk thinking,"wow he's more inbread than I thought, makes sense I heard people like him keep it in the family"..I just stopped listening and finished my work. Honestly my theory of this sort of situation is not to let them get to you because if you let their words hurt you they've won. Be strong everyone and keep your head yp and be yourself because that's one thing they can't taKe away and don't let them get to you they're not worth your tears.

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Jul 20 2014, 07:06 PM

after my 16th birthday gonna try to get emancipated. i can't live with my mother... its bad enough she doesn't take care of me but two complete strangers are more family to me then her. wish me luck because i have to go through court and get a job plus i will be living by myself for a while but its all worth it... can't wait.

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Jul 12 2014, 09:51 PM

The bitch that put me trough hell and got me sent to a mental ward wont leave me the fuck alone no matter what i do. this damn message never gets through that i dont want her in my life i dont want to feel like slitting my thoat on a daily bases. she ruined me and took something you can only give once!!! i didn't want to!!! fucking threats of suicide constantly knocking at my door eering its way closer in my head oh how id wish it'd just end. but NO it wont it just fucking follows! why can't she just realize she almost killed me and go away!? i still have flashbacks... lieng to myself after she took it away , saying i loved her when i really just hated her i wanted to get away even if it meant death. i wanted and begged for a way out. she cheated and brought me closer to hell then ever before... ITS BECAUSE OF HER I HAVE THESE SCARS!!!!!

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Mar 07 2014, 07:43 PM

hearts can be fragile but what happens to mine, it just shatters as the world can laugh at my demise. I'm used to it, this constant feeling of rejection ever since my mom and dad split up , I wasm't worth their time. I guess this all makes sense hence why i almost cut my wrists when i cry each night, yeah I'm going through hell nobody can tell i cry out for help but they just shrug it off and pay no atttention but little can i mention that all i wanted was to be loved, i found my love but i'm speechles can't even speak to her, i hate this, I just want to break this tension in my heart so i can't feel a thing. my worst birthday i've had it a few ways and my bad days don't come close to this fucking day, i guess it all just goes to show I'm not worthy enough for anyone to know, exactly how i feel or whats going on, I'm sick living this way, I'm sick of being wrong, I'm sick of everyone telling me to stay strong . your only as strong as you think but even the invincible have their limits. I'm not gonna do anything stupid i'm just letting this out i feel alone and i need someone to talk to.

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Feb 19 2014, 06:37 PM

I cough up blood under this stress. My throat aches from these tears that tug at my eyes. I come home to a feeling of being unwanted. I want to speak up as i watch my brother suffer neglect but what i say only gets ignored. I live through the pain of worrying if he's alright. I never get answered. I just receive lies. I grit my teeth under my own anger as my fist is planted in the drywall of this house of bad memories, not knowing what to do.

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Jan 28 2014, 08:01 PM

Love, some name it a lie others a fantasy.

I have been to these depths of hell numerous times looking up as heaven itself mocked me.

i would pray, close to giving up, my heart taking it's limit.

then she came to me to show me the life i have never noticed was mine, she helped me see a reason for everything

as humble as this gift feels to me, i gave her my heart

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Dec 29 2013, 06:55 PM

Yeah, you drag me down, 6 feet in the dirt.
I can't explain, how much this really hurts.
You take the knife and drive it in my chest.
It ends tonight, lay me down to rest, because i know exactly who you are.
I'm lost right now, in the headlights of a car.
This just goes to show I'm well off on my own, so just leave me alone. (Just Go)

I swallow these chemicals, just to get me through the day.
When I'm in pain, everyone looks away, transparent lies, you where an angel in my eyes, it's not you who i hate. It's I who I despise.

This feeling of self-doubt, always weighing me down.
I scream for help but no ones around.
Tell me the truth, give it to me straight.
Cause honesty has never been my biggest break.
This just goes to show, I'm not worth your time,so just leave me alone. (Just Go)

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Total Journal Entries: 7