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BubblesOoO1's Journal

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Feb 18 2014, 06:10 AM

Hey my name is Ellen, I'm 15 and I like drawing and be crative. I like to dance... in my room..... when no ones home... o-o xD I love finding out new ways to break school rules by dying my hair or hiding piercings I'm not allowed (British school rules are stupid). My Mum thinks the styles I like are weird and that I'm crazy when I ask for a facial piercing (my little cuz thinks I'm cool >:3) I found out about this site from a friend on another site that I'm a member of called "IMVU" if you have that then add me :D: xDCuppyCake sorry if I took up some of your time please add me and message me if you find me interesting I would like to be friends with people that like the same things I do so this will be good for me :D thanksssss! ^-^

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Total Journal Entries: 1