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Emo lyricsTo kiss my lips will leave you cold tonight. [You'll need my blood,] And I'll devote my life. Come fly to me. I'll show you what it's like. [When the full moon shines,] We'll stop hearts together.Emo song lyrics
(Eyes Set To Kill - Violent Kiss)

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Emo Meet - London UK - August 2011

Meep's Journal

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May 20 2014, 06:19 PM

Does a crazy person know they're crazy? Because i literaaly...LITERALLY think im going insane. I cry for no reason, i do weird things, stare out the window for hours, i twitch, and then i realize that i just did all of those things and its like i turn back into a diffrent person. Like i just watched myself go full retard and then its from my point of view....i used to be that normal, abercrombie shirt shorts and vans girl brain-washed by society and now? Im this dark, raccoon, bipolar blob mess full of caffinee and hate and insanity. Ever since a few years ago, ive been called a lesbian, skeleton, black sheep, loner, freak, raccoon, loser, prostitute, and so many others. How can people go against a person so fast for just.. not wanting to be a clone? o-o the only person i have left in this world is steven and sarah and i even think im scaring them away...fuck

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Apr 06 2014, 03:56 PM

Okay, Shut up, i know this isnt what this journal thing is for..but ive been writing some crap lately and if you could go check it out on Quotev, iI would really really really really appreciate it c': I've had writers block for a while now, and i finally snapped out of it and if you could take your precious time to read it, maybe give me feedback, im being completely honest with you it would make my day ;-; There are two stories on there right now, and one is mostly by my friend Sarah, And I wrote most of "Stolen". She revised and edited it, and the story is actually based on what happened to me in sixth grade...so yeah. The other one, The plauge, is written by me and ive only done the first chapter and it hasnt gotten any reads yet, so im waiting. PLEASE check it out you wont be dissapointed c: I LOVE YOU <3333


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Total Journal Entries: 2