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Emo lyricsI'll take the blame So you don't have to feel ashamed. I'll hide your pain So deep that you won't feel a thing. As I hold you I'm drowning too. I'll hide my tears To help you through...Emo song lyrics
(Smile Empty Soul - disease)

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Emo Meet - London UK - August 2011

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Feb 05 2015, 11:18 PM

It's not familiar that Manchester United, this era of Alex Ferguson, the Manchester United lacked the magic. Manchester United 6 times this season behind, not 1 finishes the last reversal has 3 draws and 3 defeats. Meet Chelsea, Manchester City can't reverse it's normal, faced West Bromwich Albion, Swansea irreversible is not unintended, that cannot be reversed today Aston Villa should not. Manchester United with more than a dozen less irreversible Vila, the main problem is the face of defence cannot create opportunities, which is also the old problem at Old Trafford this season, several offensive plays this season, Manchester United are opponents the initiative out in the beautiful game to play offense. Manchester United when it hit the bucket array, performance is not good. Terms of staff alone, United's forward line is top in the Premier League, even more than Chelsea, Manchester City, and both teams attack but the quality difference. Ball threat of OPTA statistics, 225 16 rounds of Manchester City before Chelsea 218 times separated the 1th, 2, Manchester United is only 160 times in 9th place. Manchester United to score more by two or three people fit and a small part of individual ability, lack of overall organization, United in the backward situation encountered drum patches, reversal is very normal.

United now have no small problem in attack and defense, and if defense is the issue, and that attack is van Gaal's responsibility. With Manchester United's existing offensive staff, does not seek out Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern's data, it should at least not worse than Manchester City, United offensive showing standard does not meet the strength of their players, van Gaal needs to consider how to play the attacking player's skills. Bundesliga the air max thea 17th round of the war. 1-1 draw with Frankfurt, Leverkusen, pharmaceutical companies by half in third. Van Gaal is a very stubborn Manager in character, it can be predicted that in the future within a short time he will continue to adhere to the 3-man defence is certainly less than a pair of Nan shan is not out. But a 352 formation is right for Manchester United, at least based on the existing staff, really doesn't fit. Today, behind Manchester United after it exposed a problem: it is not good at playing against the wind, 11 to 10 cases in the last 30 minutes, failed to achieve reversal, people have mixed feelings. He will personally give me special treatment, but what has the future development will have to depend on myself.

Once so close to a Grand Slam, failed to do this makes me a little rub fire, but real Madrid will continue to move forward, in my view, now that Real Madrid has no limits, I'm proud beside so many great teammates, regardless of what achievements are inseparable from the team's effort. Ronaldo deserves to win the Golden Ball award, he is a natural winner, has always hated to fail, he always longed to win everything, in the Real Madrid team, he is the player everyone recognized. In addition, Ramos also praised coach Carlo Ancelotti, he continued: Ancelotti is unmatched, and he does good work air max direct in the locker room. Real Madrid to regain the joy, he understands the players, because he had been an outstanding player, he knows how to perfect management of the locker room. Has a good coach like he really is real good, and he is also a very nice person. Wayne Rooney this season, Manchester United opened high in the League, the team has made in the last 7 games of 6 WINS, 1 draw, while the Red Devils to its recent strength also play moved up to third in the Premier League standings. Team of Captain Rooney in this 7 field game in the played excellent, especially in Shang one against dimension pulled team of game in the, in team behind of Shi, van Gaal will Rooney put in of midfielder of location, and Rooney also in this new location performance out excellent of adapted capacity, team although relies on with Val exam of scored equalised has score, but Rooney in midfielder of played is is team in away made a points of key.

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Total Journal Entries: 1