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Emo lyricsI adore the despair in your eyes, I worship your lips once red as wine, I crave for your scent sending shivers down my spine, I just love the way you're running out of lifeEmo song lyrics
(HIM - Gone With The Sin)

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emojoeydrums's Journal

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Sep 09 2016, 02:48 PM

hey everyone im back and im doing better. i know its been a while but i promise ill be back to my old self in no time! love you all! have some new poetry for you guys and ill get it uploaded asap! update on my life not much has changed, let me know whats been going on with you! Oh! Got my first cell phone! if you wanna text me my number is 6363835570! love you guys TTYL! ;)

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Feb 12 2016, 07:03 PM

I know I haven't posted anything in a while but this will probably be my last post... my depression is getting worse my anxiety is consuming every second of my life and I only seem to hurt the people that I love so tonight will probably be my last... I'm so sorry... to any I may have offended or hurt or anything I'm sorry and everyone one else with depression and anxiety I want you to know that no matter who you are or what you've done I will always love you

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Jan 19 2016, 05:08 AM

Not proud of myself. I broke down and cut. My ex wants me back but I can't get the image of her and the guy she left me for out of my head. It hurts badly because I still love her and every time I close my eyes I see the two of them. I want to just run a razor down the length of my arm and be done with this, then the image won't haunt and plague my kind anymore.

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Jan 15 2016, 06:56 PM

tired got only bout two hours of sleep... ready to go home and pass out... but first I need a new cuddle buddy... any takers?

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Jan 14 2016, 03:32 PM

fell like crawling into a whole and telling everybody here, at school, to fuck off. not in a very good mood and i just want the school day to be over right now

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Jan 13 2016, 02:34 PM

Just found our my girlfriends parents sent her to a mental health facility because she tried to kill herself, as far as i know she's ok but they aren't telling me anything. They're blaming me for this and its kinda starting to make me feel like it is. I really want to cut right now, and i don't see a good reason not to... I'm so tired of losing the people closest to me because of something as stupid as an age difference. Well I'm single again, and alcohol is looking like a damn good choice of a life partner.

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Total Journal Entries: 6