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Emo lyricsTo kiss my lips will leave you cold tonight. [You'll need my blood,] And I'll devote my life. Come fly to me. I'll show you what it's like. [When the full moon shines,] We'll stop hearts together.Emo song lyrics
(Eyes Set To Kill - Violent Kiss)

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Emo Meet - London UK - August 2011

fallendarkangel's Journal

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Feb 25 2016, 06:47 AM

I wrote a poem the other night, well i actually wrote two but putting one on here for now works...If i get enough people asking for the second one i'll post that one. So uh, here goes the first one.

Goodbye mom,
Goodbye dad.
Please don't blame yourself,
And don't be sad.

Goodbye sister,
Goodbye brother.
Please be good,
For mother and father.

Goodbye lover,
Goodbye friends.
Please don't forget,
All the time we had spent.

Goodbye teachers,
Goodbye bully.
Please move on,
Though you may not remember me.

Goodbye everyone,
My time is near.
Goodbye world,
My time is here.

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Total Journal Entries: 1