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Emo lyricsWondering if I've got the steam to keep these nights Stare at me wondering if I've got the steam to keep these nightsEmo song lyrics
(Chasing Their Eyes - Sleepless In Cincinnati)

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queenofdarksouls's Journal

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Feb 25 2016, 11:06 PM

queenofdarksouls - soEmo.co.uk

this is one of the many poems I have written, it was written on 11/14/15 after an ex friend of mine and I got into a fight, sorry that it's so long.i might put others up if people like it. here is "tears of suicide": I lay on my bed, with a knife hand, the metal gleaming in the light. tears stream down my cheeks as I close my eyes and slit my throat before my hand falls to my side as red seeps out and stains everything near me. you wanted me dead so, i granted you your wish. you got what you wanted as I lay in my own blood, you'll never have to see me again. shrill screams pierce the air as it turns to sobbing. there, peacefully lying in an 18 gauge steel black knight casket with a gray velvet interior is a teenage girl of 18 years old with wavy brown hair, seemingly sleeping. a crowd of people in black surrounds her still form as their tears fall silently onto the casket as they close the top, hiding her from the world and lower her 6 feet into the ground and fill in the grave before placing a carved tiger with polished stripes climbing a black heart headstone with writing on it. everyone leaves except for the family of the dead girl, still crying and not moving as they stare at the headstone with her information on it before leaving with red, puffy eyes filled with grief and tear stained cheeks. they come home and go to her room where she took her life and see her phone with a message from one of her friends the says "I fucking hope u die u crazy ass bitch" with her last reply that says "maybe I will and it'll be all your fault!". they burst into tears again as they read the messages of anger. wails of grief pierce the night of this tragedy. up above, the girl watches her family with teary eyes as she listens to their wails of pain as she utters two words "I'm sorry". while the family sleeps, she visits them and says goodbye to them for the last time before returning to heaven with one last glance at her family and joining her deceased relatives. be careful with what you wish for on people, because you might just get your wish granted, whether you meant it or not.
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