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Emo lyricsNothing seems to kill me, no matter how hard I try Nothing is closing my eyes Nothing can beat me down for your pain or delight And nothing seems to break me No matter how hard I fallEmo song lyrics
(Soundgarden - Blow Up The Out Side World)

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Emo Meet - London UK - August 2011

queenofdarksouls's Journal

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Mar 01 2016, 02:31 AM

queenofdarksouls - soEmo.co.uk

I don't know how much longer I can go on dealing with all this agony inside of me, my parents and sibling don't know that I began to self harm again. I'm just tired of not being noticed and treated like I'm not worth anything. i'm trying to fight, but is it worth fighting for life when nobody wants me here? they don't care about what happens to me. sure they say that they care about me when they could really care less. I already have my suicide letter written, all I need now is to get hydrocodone pills to overdose on. nobody would notice if I was gone, people want me gone and dead so why not grant them their wish? I wish someone truly truly cared about me. but there is no one. song listening to while writing this: dear diary by mikelWJ.
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