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Emo lyricsExcuse me, sir, But I have plans to die tonight. Oh, and you are directly in my way And I bet you're gonna say it's not rightEmo song lyrics
(The Spill Canvas - Self Conclusion)

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Xxsuicidal_angel99xX's Journal

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Apr 26 2016, 01:52 PM

I've entered this world alone, I walking with the only thing by my side is my dog, people have stopped caring and many have left me for dead. All I have in this world is my tiny dog, and God, but even then I think he's given up on me. I've only been alive for 16 years...and....I'm giving up on myself...My dad has clearly stated he's done with me, my mother has simply stood by and watched...and now...I'm only crumbling. I've nothing to live for. This tiny dog is my only friend it seems, and he's never going to leave me...I've been alone...and i'll always be alone.

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Mar 24 2016, 01:01 PM

New Best Friend

A blade became my new best friend
A blade became my end

A blade took all my pain away
A blade is how I play

The stinging pain
The blade is my new cocaine

The blade is my drug
The blade fits snug

I fade
You, you try to aid

The blood is oozing
yet what are you doing?

Watching as I die
You're watching me... Why?

The blade is my new best friend
The blade is my end

I say goodbye
you had no reply...

The blade is my new best friend
and you're watching as I end

This blade, was my only friend...
This blade, took my end...

This is what I must befriend....
This is my final goodbye...

I'll see you as I die....

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Mar 22 2016, 12:57 PM

This isn't hell anymore

This isn't hell anymore, that's what I used to say...
Now i'm dreading that, and I'm dreading this day
You said you believed me, but it was only a lie
Now, I think I'll just curl up and die.

This isn't hell anymore, I was right
Nor is it heaven, things only in in a fight
You brought this upon yourself
Now be a good little elf

This isn't hell anymore, it's only the beginning
It's be beginning to the perfect ending
You wish you had a blade?
Take mine, everything will fade

This isn't hell anymore, it's my end
These words cause me to bend
I'm breaking
My world is shaking

This isn't hell anymore...
This isn't hell anymore...
This isn't...hell...any....more...

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Total Journal Entries: 3