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im_a_lil_sad's Journal

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Jul 14 2017, 01:34 AM

"Why does love scare me?" You might say?
Because its fucked me up in practically every way
Just when I think that they're gonna stay
My heart gets ripped apart and torn away
You see I fall too hard and I fall too fast
Ever sense my first love cesed and passed
Cuz when I twelve years old
All my friends were playing in a tree
While I sat in my room crying
The shit that I saw
I should have stabbed my chest with a knife
Because the shit that I saw
was murder of the love of my life
But time after time none of it turned out right
Should I do it tonight?
I even failed at killing myself
Who would have known how much that I needed your help
Tyler, my love, you will forver be missed
Cuz your lips they feel like no other person that I've kissed
And time after time ive tried to replace you
Chased them just kinda like I chased you
But all that it got me was used and abused

I know your gone, but you were all I actually needed
The first guy cheated
Oh no, here we go again
It looks like im falling in love again
The second guy cheated
And when I asked why
He said "shut up emo chick, go cut yourself and cry."
So maybe this girl that I love will be more loyal
No these hoes ain't nothing but motherfucking spoiled
And stupidly enough, I ran away with this guy
He caught my tears every time that I held him and cried
But one day all that shit changed
While we were living in the slums asking for change
3 am, dragged me out to the street
Ripped my clothes from my body that he beat
That was me
He beat me down to the ground
But enough of that shit
Opps looks like I fell in love again
Done with that shit
You get the point
im gonna stop writing now
I really fucking need a joint

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Total Journal Entries: 1