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Emo lyricsYou feel your love so shattering You feel you want to die Just because someone did take off Telling you a lie Emo song lyrics
(Black Sabbath - St Vitus' Dance)

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Alternative clothing from Sohos

Blue Banana

Emo Meet - London UK - August 2011

torigorez's Journal

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Feb 23 2018, 03:35 PM

i didn't mean to intrude your scrolling...
i think you're beautiful (。・ω・。)ノ♡
have a great day!♡

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Feb 23 2018, 03:31 PM

Im here for you if you need me
Anata ga watashi o hitsuyō to surunaraba, watashi no tame ni koko ni

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Feb 23 2018, 03:29 PM

squish my cheeks. . .
& call me cute hehe. . .

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Feb 22 2018, 09:42 PM

I find that
I spill my heart out
To anyone who gives me
The slightest bit of attention
silly me
thinking they actually care....

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Total Journal Entries: 4