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(Dashboard Confessional - best deceptions)

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Emo Meet - London UK - August 2011

Yuto's Journal

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Mar 10 2020, 11:53 AM

AB and D block...excluded C with coron.
Assembled and loaded. Live fire.

|||WAWASAN 2020///
picture.. thats azhar with green bdu and black tactical best. m4 203 devgru and hand gun, m249. eye vfx lens pupil blackened to concrete wu tang sit. like laying back with hand holding hand guns bating cash. if i across nu metal origin.. construction worker in indonesia wearing color lens comparison to me.

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Jan 18 2020, 11:32 AM

Schwarz Negative Ger

screen of "Schwarz"

Started out since 1970s simulate to one family tree in Japan. From German flags black section set.

Schwarzneggar incentive cash hand to hand incentive started with south east asian making cultural level til western standard.

Family tree offered no sexuality to invest and research camera for security with police car start. to German family tree. Configurated towards German black section of flag.

Two of my family real fathers older brothers pictures. Grayscale and Color profile onto black screen with square. labeled extinct.

They buried carbine soldier ww2 to Japanese class A war criminal family trees tomb as an apology towards WW2 japanese soldier set.

German intelligence states backside must be Class A war criminal descendants above working class must set opponent of caucasian with their room indicates. images set to 1lef cam. to her to myself perfectly.

They are not allowed to be down towards working class or media. if its down to struction sites. level indicates.

Black screen. If they place another class A war criminal descendants to another one indicate go as an acts of Japanese society to end start set.

German requires virus mental of communist in district of Japan. Along set illegal religion.

German configurates to me. Spielbergs breed. Friedrich breed.
Judas breed set.

How far the bench goes picture must be experimental. Blended from illegal deformity from japan with fraud tech all the way.just shape. inside human body seems without organs, heartwork, missing. still looking shape of human towards you level of electric atom. Above scientist bench. Alien section. system.

US MILITARY and German breed set as an scientific perspect.
Which humanity of Class A war criminals descendants is most humanity set.
If politic are naked
If defence military program are tax mock up
Along with Nam and Hussains escalate coordinates.

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Dec 26 2019, 06:56 PM

-=[DATA OPS]=-
We invest towards against the grain.
From misawa US military towards me air coordinate.

Nessecity level high

MOSSAD intell

USMC radio molse


Few of the political communication services may varies to publicities as an pure rage against the grain of judas.

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Nov 14 2019, 03:38 PM

To my surveillance camera play and spy.

You can puke fuck in what ever party.

They have experimental pop art maze lodge luxery hotel.
I sighted Cyndi Laupers mentor. Each prop and her hair changes section to section in experimental hotel of her design and 10 million USD set to her behavior and her clothing and concept.
Herself standing in hi class hotel reception location inside hotel classified IRA. Seems Russia. Has maroon carpet square puzzle room and pop art green hallways all 70s classic hippie generation and herself likes to chase my security camera like emotion angry. like joker to just chilling at corner every place like an flag for maze. bedroom 80s extreme fantasy. she seems to have mental disorder and in field of pop art/performance art/story telling experimental. my surveillance camera cloaked around fantasy and myth 80s extreme room. Broder daniel shoreline was set in motion.

Any of the musician to cyndi lauper has to pay a lot. herself expressing mentor who must be IRA hippie generation to 80s pop experimental story tales.

Concept tidal and serials may be my perspective. Velocity and to access that fantasy box hallways security seems to be number. equal herself like to perform each lodge to hallways none like others from story tales based on after watching film 80 to 90s.
Yeah experimental artist IRA mentor of Cyndi Lauper.

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Nov 13 2019, 09:44 AM


-=[Period of death out product]=-
PFC Yuto Hirata
Executed each food fuck feti society to allow above capitalism. From experimental VFX with tricked mentality. Our society succeed more than film or tv industry. People aren't catching up with outside of tv the reality succeed more hi spec.

"I coordinated them to food fuck in vatican.Each was detonated became engine excrete meat vibrating on some ruins"

Uri Gellar
Stephen hawking faking death
Japanese adult porn lady negro
Mike tyson
Animal right italia politic female prostitute
Jill stuart
Japanese matriarch
Dead of black metal
Nicoletta elmi
Johnny Depp
Marilyn Manson
Stephen hawkings brother of alive condition Canadian dry
Semetic rock of beatles and japs son
Dalai Lama
Hindu sex shape designer organic
dani filth
Chinese grain of romance

We will sight duplicate of theirs or swap to model looking closer. Detonation was beautiful. Rest in peace aren't required for them. ugly we beautify. Out product. Society doesn't require strong image when its at conclusion. Towards VFX above capitalism doesn't exist.

YEAR 2020

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Nov 01 2019, 10:34 AM

SETH [AOD] Aka. CXT Seth
Genocide [AOD] Aka. Sean Boone ex Britney spears boy friend
Adrenalincrush [TOXIMIND]

Since 1996 to present.
Along with NASA and Palin o blight genocide we pursuited online.

Sean boone trickstar devgru family tree branched to Palin since 90s. Military image project seeks and kill.

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Oct 27 2019, 06:25 PM

Für Elises
You are Bitch. I am hoe. Towards my arm come naked to me. skin tone of caucasian germanium. I fluid my feeling all into head i hold towards floating scapes of european nazi structure craving for your tear of Für Elises.
NO1. Preparation Center... Center... Center...
NO1. Preparation Center... Center... Center...
LIFT OFF LAUNCH PROCEDURE BURSTED HUME IS BLOWING SIDEWAYS TORCHING REBED PLATES OF GROUNDED METAL. TIL DAVIDES TRIANGLE FROM LEFT BELOW TOWARDS CENTER SIDE. Explosion of STS starts to shape full detonate much as triangular shaped pyramid with self explosion from schematic configurates.

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Oct 13 2019, 04:10 AM

9 to flip 6
Nu set outfreq nu depac
Towards bergs 7 seas.
+++++++----[[STAR BRIGADE]]+++---+

During lunch myself age 16..Zuckerberg with got milk. index finger robotic TED.
Above zuckerberg one person. look similar in UK.1996.
He used to wear got milk? shirt. USAF programmer.
To me bluescreen process facecheck compare. like pulling knobs of shelf from down side of the knob moderately. CIA symbol and his name. To me index info provide with teeth aligned perfectly just like wrestling team deal.

Check inspect check go+++:+-
Sequencing[_ _ - - _-_ _-]

in config and assemble . Nuclear reactor til vessel wreck.

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Aug 09 2019, 02:59 AM

-French intelligence positioning my doll place to place in Europe

-One British male residing huge resort looking for Power and humanity

-Liv taylor and I had conversation via doll muscle stimulate procedure 0.5 sec capable from express in Europe to Russia

-One actress towards me married

-Spielberg with US Army black netcap, hoodies, spectacles, Army arm warmer fingercut. All black and his dog tags. 90s analog looking to surveillance. Resulted his life path from being scientist.

-Uri Gellar Humanity and mental behavior inspection

-Gasper Noe and Spielbergs conversation

-From my behavior two hussains ancestry down

-Spielbergs word to me. Think about where and when and who and what I was towards with metalcore clothing. "CMON YUTO! YOU'RE INTERCEPTING US. COOL CLEAN AND FRESH QUALIFIED"

-USMC GPS ground to ground all white light outside humvee. Jared G. Must be G set.
To me Fucking ready? Adrenalincrush set. Lets go Lets go. Virtual simulate. CB check procedure one more time. 249ER position check.


My feeling always towards deutsch white girl. Madchen. With scapes.

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Apr 11 2019, 06:31 PM

National Associates Security Agency
:System function 4th times
1 2013 Putin Assassination avoided/ GMT Config

2 2019 Jan 23 4 silos down

3 555 Retarded tounge melt military base tech team experinental. Fiyaivvve fyaubbbb fiyaiveeeee andd fyawwwb fyiyaaai fyaaaayb. With knowing the ready set go sign what to do as operation function.
Aurora strike coordinate 1hydro 11 nuke experimental.

4 During 2nd system function rail bullet with drone trigger. With gray scale codec. Carbines with rail bullet spectacles docked with my pupil.

MI6 ladies formation I declined formation formulate Tristar towards Gen operates.
All seeing eye we are going to make with 3 point joint is sentenced.

UK coordinate moddine boy EMO belonging to NASA along with University Professor in UK

Manchester Girl operation step by step from Gates.

Yuto Hirata Til Armys tunnels earth inhale exhale sound with Deadsy Craig Riker the beast motto. Machine kit light operates.
Battle Axe towards Irony against system function.

-Chris Nemzec maybe was at precalc
-Singer of reggie at bending machine
-Genis Genocides along with Cyber Squadron
-Synister Gates may be was sharkos prank guitar riff
-Christopher Hall who made me reaper
-Snowden was he playing golden eye laughing so hard
-Coach Shaybaby Shaylyn ann holocombe
Say Yuto Hirata Lucky Nay And Holocaust Catacombe, Towards MI6 coordinate Lucifer?

After system function may the tristar formulate be with me additional 1 must be kept towards 6.

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Jan 24 2019, 05:21 AM

National Assosiates Security Agency

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Jan 13 2019, 05:25 AM

"I kill all the YAKUZA with Hitler and NAZIS"
-=[SPACE COMMAND]=- Yuto Hirata xX18210605Xx +Cyber Metal+ <|STARFORCE|>

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Jan 10 2019, 05:46 AM

Got some documents to be applyed.. Nah.. its 15:45 already. Are there any better spices for my pastas?

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Nov 26 2018, 12:57 AM

I bought car


Next I wand dodge challenger

Im going back to grand parents around new year and do BBQ at parents sometimes. got verbal fighting with parents excluding all the city district documents on floor spreading out. my past missing pictures and auto insurance along with getting insomnia right now getting tap down. lots of law register i applyed by myself. I tried to ask about good auto insurance at work. Negative status they were.
I told my parents next I want dodge and garage house saving money continues 5 hour we talked. Point was reforming my mansion room i bought and about the missing pictures its alright matter for me. Applying for city district and law and order all the documents much as firing bullet i argued with parents. so i made one box clear enough which documents is which. and very clear enough to pull out and my parents office supposed to be doing same as well along with security and safebox. because they are running business and risk is high. proletariat me as well I stated and I won't insert security system and safe box conversation went long along with my missing pictures point was parents mind was If Im owner of mansion room doesn't need. mansion has security by their building estate manager. I went fury floor is wrecked

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Nov 15 2018, 10:01 AM

2018-11-14 Yuto Hirata‚Äč "After fever… by myself rectification with pills and detoxing. Nose shaper as well with western meds. Paling my skins out" I keep my meal organic as possible as well

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Nov 06 2018, 01:42 AM

I bought my car and residence.
Many times I was having fun with catholic american kids and Im interested to Italy. Im aware of human trafficking but I do research schools in Italy.
Next Im saving money for schooling in Italy.

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Sep 29 2018, 04:35 AM

My room in fortress

I bought my residence

My room in fortress I took picture with my phone was sunny day out. Along with tokyu rail road company estate agency. Buying this room was applied. Busy days working at manufactory and application, Ownership law / Real Property Registration Order applied, drivers licence to my ID. City district hall to police station Lots of application tasks to do taking off days while working at manufactory.
This place won't allow Yakuza, Japanese yankee,bouryoku danin, foreigner to reside or enter before reside must identify self and apply and comfirm law application not belonging to any of above mentioned. I as well did and applied.

Billiard room, drinking hall, laundry section, all inside fortress (Mansion)

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Aug 05 2018, 04:14 AM

Yuto Hirata:Kerberos Unit Established / Deployed
Yuto Hirata: Kerberos Unit Established / Deployed
Kerberos Unit Deployed/Established near by Manchester
1st day "Blood of irony" MI6 Simulating Results
2nd day "Kill for faith" MI6 Simulating Results
3rd day "Kerberos" MI6 Kerberos Command Established
4th day "SALO" MI6 Kerberos Command
3rd day "Kerberos" MI6 Kerberos Command Established
5th day "Virtual Assault System"
Kerberos "Ending"

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Aug 03 2018, 01:22 PM

Kerberos Unit Deployed/Established near by Manchester

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Jul 29 2018, 03:45 AM

MI6 Transmission Over... Our coordinate near by Manchester.. Guns loaded. Food supply route coordinated. Report us directions to other remaining Fortress. We obtained DATA from Germany. Air to Ground Full ammunition and Firearms supplies dropped. London zoned out. All fortress down in London. Kerberos Unit Ready.. Yuto Hirata...

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Total Journal Entries: 20