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AlexEmoAngel's Journal

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Aug 24 2018, 04:10 AM

I cry because I never see any beauty when I look into the mirror.
I cry because I never see any beauty when I look over my life.
I cry because I can find all the faults and flaws so easily.
I cry because I know I'm never going to be enough.
I cry because nothing I tell myself matters.
I cry because they tell themselves I lie, and when they see me, they act like I've misled them.
I cry because I'm missing every aspect in my life that I've worked so hard to find.
I cry because I'm not strong enough to handle this.
I cry because the world around me is a world of darkness and hatred.
I cry because I am the Shadow of shadows. And nobody can see me. They can't hear me. They don't care. YOU don't care.
I cry because I'm too weak to hold on, and too weak to die.
I cry because all my "s." attempts failed but there were long-term consequences.
I cry because I'm lost in the dark and can't find my way back.
I cry because no one came to find me.
I cry because no one's tried to save me.
I cry because nobody loves me...
I cry because they hear it, but no one in the world gives a shit.
I cry because I'm out of place, and I don't belong here. In this world, in this pain, in this life.
I cry because I forgot how to feel happiness.
I cry because I'm all out of hope.
I cry because that's the only thing I can remember how to do.

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Aug 21 2018, 10:05 PM

The Tragic Angel: The Bride of Tragedy.
Waiting for the King of Pain. The Groom of Pain.
The Tragic Angel stands alone until the King of Pain follows.... Everywhere I go... He comes shortly after.
Let my wings hide you...

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Aug 21 2018, 04:27 AM

I Don't Believe....
I'm left here with the pain. Gnawing at my wounds like a dog who's insane.
By grief, they left me, in misery I forget. Dig me a plot.
Tragic Angels, we all walk alone.
Tragic Angels, we all die alone.
Tragic Angels, we learn to forget where we've come from.
Tragic Angels, we learn to forget how to love, and how to trust.
But, how can I trust them, now?
We are alone in the Darkness, we're alone for the fight. Tuck me in my grave, and close your eyes, tonight.
Not a tear will be shed, not a head will be turned. You watch me ascend, and regret that you never listened when I said I was an Angel.
You understand, now, that the pain was eating me, raw.
And you understand now, I was born to die alone, all along.
I am the Tragic Angel.

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Aug 17 2018, 05:52 AM

my lips have nothing to say, but my eyes scream.
they say i'm good at keeping it inside, but, truth be told, they just don't care enough to see the pain and life draining out of me...
they just stand there and watch these wounds bleed....
i'm all alone....
but i'll be okay.....

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Aug 10 2018, 09:38 PM

I torture myself.... until I die.
The voices never subside..
I'm not good enough...
This world is not enough for me...
And nothing wants me here.
I don't belong here....

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Aug 05 2018, 10:51 PM

I feel so alone.... Where I live I'm the only Emo, here.
I search but I can't find one to save my life!
I'm a 100% dedicated Emo girl, I'm not pretty, or perfect, and I hate to face myself in the mirrors because all I see is the ugliness.... The craving to be beautiful and perfect. I wish I could live life through a black and white filter... My body is suffocated in black outfits but my spirit is still white.... Oh, how I wish I was somebody else......

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Total Journal Entries: 6