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Emo lyricsThis is the part where your dad goes off on a cold Christmas eve to get some more milk but he never comes back. Emo song lyrics
(The Midnight Beast - tik tok)

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Emo Meet - London UK - August 2011

Jackson_Meh's Journal

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Feb 06 2019, 03:27 AM

*almost midnight*

children screaming

me: oh?..you hear that..thats the sound of my dreams rotting in hell

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Feb 06 2019, 03:23 AM

*day 38574 without a boyfriend*

me sitting on my bed: hmm that demon in the corner of my rooms lookin hella hot right now...

demon in the corner: *points at self* M-m-me??...

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Feb 06 2019, 03:19 AM

*me in school*: ahhh it would be nice to die right now

me to me: see those scissors...use them...but not like a normal person

me to me to me: ....yes hes right slicy dice your way through life fam

*me with scissors*: ight guess ill die...tell mom we all go to hell

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Feb 06 2019, 03:15 AM

well well well...what do we have here...looks like a parasite to m-...

Venom: ApOlOgIzE!!!


Venom: i said apoLOGIZEE!!!!

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Dec 19 2018, 03:01 AM

*Private entry*


Total Journal Entries: 5