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Emo lyricsA hatred burns inside me Emotion out of hand But I've the will to focus this Survive, contrive, commandEmo song lyrics
(Machinehead - The Rage To Overcome)

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Fai_the_Goth's Journal

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Apr 22 2019, 04:05 AM

I need to catch up o 2 weeks of homework tonight or else im dead tomorrow lol
i love you
- Fai

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Apr 18 2019, 06:38 AM

One time I fell deeply in love. he led me to believe he loved me too, he was still in love with someone else, I gave him everything. all my time, all my love, and all my soul. I loved him more than anything. He dumped me in December, I'm still not fully over it. he still talks to me, and it hurts.
a part of me will always love him.
I love you.
p.s here is a letter i once wrote him:
"Dearest A_ _ _ _ _ ,
I am not good with words, as you well know… but here it goes.
I’ve never been the kind of girl boys fall in love with. And yet, you fell in love with me.
I fell in love with you first. Let’s be honest.
Why wouldn’t I?
You are amazing, in every way shape and forum.
I admire you, for your mind, talents, and your charismatic charm.
What skills? You may ask.
Your makeup talent. I have never seen anyone wear makeup as well as you do.
You are an AMAZING drummer, don’t say that you aren’t. You won’t win that argument.
Your intelligence, you call yourself dumb, BUT YOU ARE SO SMART. You know so many things, I could listen to what you know for hours, and still not know half the things you do.
Your art oh, my god (god is lowercase for a reason). Your art, so beautiful and majestic, creative and inspiring.
I think our story is the most beautiful love story. We saved each other.
Just when I was about to give up end it all my soulmate, you, said hello. You are my everything.
You are beautiful. Even if you think otherwise. You are gorgeous to me. You are stunning. You are radiant. To me, you are the most attractive thing that has and will ever walk this earth.

I will never hurt you.
I promise.
I will never leave, or cheat.
Why would I.
We both hold each other’s delicate hearts within our hands.

Your eyes I could gaze into for hours. I could get lost in them. Those beautiful, soulful, piercing eyes. Every time I see them I can see your emotions. I can see the pain they have seen. I can see the love, the happiness, and the longing. Your eyes, take my breath away. When they look into mine, my heart rate increases. I never want to look away.

I wish I could comfort you, when you are sad. I wish I could hold you in my arms, and tell you that it’s alright. To cry with you and to feel your pain, to be with you no matter what. You are mine as I am yours.

I will never let you go.
I love you.
I say it a lot.
Because its true.
I could scream it from the mountains.
And I will tell you every day.
I love you.
Did I forget to say thank you?
For loving me. For staying with me. For chatting with me. For caring. For everything.
Thank you, Alonso.
Thank you.
I hope you stay with me forever.
That may be creepy.
But I guess I’m the right kind of creepy for you.
As you are for me.
I don’t want anyone but you.
I never did.
I never will.
You are special, wonderful, beautiful, and intelligent.
I love that you are mine."

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Apr 18 2019, 06:19 AM

My guy friend busted my lip today because I didn't want to date him. day in the life of Fai XD
also attempting to convert my poetry into songs, so let's see how that goes.
I love you.

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Total Journal Entries: 3