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EmocentricX's Journal

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Nov 29 2019, 04:59 PM


Hey everyone. Im making this post because i would like to apologise for how i have been acting latley. ive been an ass, and i have been alot more emocentric then normal (emocentric: The feeling that nobody else is suffering quite as bad as you are.) ive hurt more then a few people and i would like to apologise to everyone and say that i am making a true effort to be better, and to not be an ass anymore.
Im addicted to my depression tbh. i listen to music that i know makes me depressed (like when i put hospital for souls, or true friends on repeate) and when i am depressed its pretty much all i think about. i need to be better, to actually give a shit. and thats starting today. again, im sorry everyone. and thank you all for being here despite my shit.

apologise especially to:

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Nov 26 2019, 02:25 PM

*Private entry*

Oct 15 2019, 12:28 PM

I'm sorry, no... it's not enough
We shouldn't feel a love so painfully that
It hurts right to the touch
I know it stings, I know this cuts
And I wish I could agree with you
But fuck this love, it's not enough

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Oct 03 2019, 01:59 PM

Just wanna update, I wasent gone for very long, but i think things are better. me and the unamed girl that i feel for are talking again and things are going better. my ex-girlfriend is blamming me on everything, so thats worse, but overall, somehow, im rlly rlly happy rn. i think things are going good. thank you everyone for supporting me, snd sorry ive been a dick lately

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Oct 02 2019, 12:02 PM

I really fucked up. In the past week i feel like I've lost everything... My dads gotten worse, and his, err, "issues" are getting me chewed out for everything. My girlfriend, i discovered had been "with" two other guys for the entire 6 months ive been dating her. I made a huge mistake with one of my friends, and it seams like she's forgiven me, but i still feel so guilty. but what im most upset about, as bad as it sounds, is that ive lost another of my friends... I know its bad,but im not even as upset about my ex-girlfriend... its that the girl who i fell for, the girl who's quivkly become my best friend in the world, and the girl id give anything for.... will probably never speak to me again.
I cant help but think its for the best tho, because i know im poison, i hurt everyone around me. I know she's better off without me, but (selfishly) i don't wanna lose her... with everything going on... im gonna take a break from soemo for a while. im sure everyone will just forget bout me anyways...

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Sep 16 2019, 01:34 PM

super stoked, my new top 10 deathcore/metalcore vid is out ^^ im also bored af rn tho...

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Total Journal Entries: 6