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Emo lyricsAnd make mark leaving space for the guilt to be liquid To fill, and spill over, and under my thoughts My sad, sorry, selfish cry out to the cutterEmo song lyrics
(The Used - I'm A Fake)

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Blacksheep03's Journal

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Oct 10 2019, 11:41 AM

Are people suicidal

People who’ve attempt suicide often ask for help in any shape or form (indirect way). Suicidal people are humans like us but different because they are hurt for a long period of time and can not handle it, take it out of themselves like self-harm or attempting suicide or experiencing a personal suicide crisis. Everyone has the opportunity to be a hero if they stood up and listen to someone and point (show) them the right direction. People are suicidal because they go through rough times, they get bullied a low, have low esteem about themselves / no confidence, or they have a mental illness.

Stereotypes could lead to people wanting to commit suicide. I read “Shattering stereotypes: A lesson plan for improving students' attitudes and behavior towards minority groups” by James R.Moore and He said “its ill effects on the society.” (Moore 1) article emphasizes the need for social studies in the behavior or attitude of a person when it comes to groups of people, person creating things that could change others emotions or thoughts. Students need to learn how to respond with the attitude and show the right behavior towards others or crowds. I know that stereotypes is not okay because it could hurt others feelings when others say it to do it for fun, for example let’s say Marilyn Manson , he’s goth and people would assume that he hurts himself or he dresses wearly insane he worships satan why? Because Justin bieber wrote “ bigger than satan” on a shirt that had Marilyn manson’s face on it.. People should stoping assuming things and find polite choices or actions towards others cause it could lead to bad things like self-harm and suicide.

Suicide has nurmerous weapons that people hold on and use on themselves like guns, razor blades, etc. I read “Inside plan to end suicide” by Claire Wilson and she said “zero suicide ambition policy. It talks about how making it physically harder for people to take their own lives reduces suicides” (Wilson 1). What she talks about it stepping out to help others and Its has to do with people who are hurt themselves bad; It is a program to help people and its takes time to get better but it’s better than death, people get hurt and they take it out on them and this program is what it is made for.Sometimes it is good to stop harming yourself and get help, so someone can understand why you struggle and when did it all started. The people who choose to help others are the ones who cares about others and not themselves/ they have a heart as well.

Some people may think its mental illness because of people who could have a disorder or they could be insane from childhood. Jonathan Gleadell wrote an article called “The case against mental health awareness raising”. He said “Unnatural social behaviors, which we are encouraged to adopt before we can even have a normal chat with someone experiencing mental health problems”(Gleadell 2). Means People have many ways of being something that others label insane in many ways and they want attention or desire to die, attention seeker, disorders. Whatever happened to them as a(n) child, it makes them as an insane person or monster when they are adults or teenagers. Mental illness is known as mood disorders like depression or bipolar disorder , anxiety disorders, personality disorders , psychotic disorders known as schizophrenia , substance abuse disorders or eating disorder but what causes them is when we are hurt as a child or witness things that were not meant for a child’s eye to see.

People should not suffer. People do think terribly about others in many ways based on what you see on the outside of them.People shouldn’t suffer from their past that hurts them, they need to ignore the harsh things that lower their self-esteem. Death is never the key to everything, people get hurt based on their outer shell, or them being themselves. Lgbt kids get hurt and more likely to commit suicide because they are scare to get help

Suicidal people have lives too. Suicidal people should get help from others but scared, others should stop the madness and asked if they feel depressed or bothered by life’s little mean human-beings and those who were hurt or witness things as little kids. We need to stand up and stop being such jerks, you don't want anyone of your friends to kill themselves because no one wanted to time away from their day to ask if they are okay or other things that could be bothering them. If more people would stand up then we would have less people dying every several minutes, hours, days, or months and people would not have to worry about being bullied over little things about them that matters to them.

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Total Journal Entries: 1