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Emo lyricsHave you ever feel like breaking down,do you ever feel out of place like some how you just don't belong or no one understands youEmo song lyrics
(Simple plan - Welcome to my life)

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mentallyfucked's Journal

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May 05 2020, 07:23 PM

I wrote this one night when I was still drinking, no matter how drunk I got I would still be able to write
I guess this shows me my worst fear is knowing that Im stuck with myself, until Im not

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May 05 2020, 07:21 PM

Your bittersweet taste
wrapping me in a warm hug full of fog
grabbing my soul and twisting it away
dragging me away from this place we call Earth
where they tell me I should stay
but your foggy haze brings out the sun on bitter days
you shatter me making it hard to walk
you stuck in my closet, hidden so they wont find you and split us apart
you take away my better half but overwhelm me with joy while slowly killing me
not to remember anything of the day before
dreading not feeling your soft warmth the next day
dreading the thought that your not here to stay
instead you evil twin, hangover, will greet me at the door, smacking me with dizziness killing me on the floor
so I go to you again, just cant get away
I need you here, I need you to stay
You promised you'd stay softly whispering in my ear
let me take in your sweet scent drinking up every word you say
and numb my thoughts, don't leave me alone
Just promise you'll stay

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Total Journal Entries: 2