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Emo lyricsMama mia, here I go again, my my how can I resist ya. Mama mia does it show again, my my just how much I missed ya.Emo song lyrics
(Abba - Mama Mia)

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Emo Meet - London UK - August 2011

tragedy-stalks-me's Journal

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Sep 13 2020, 01:17 AM

Pain is inevitable
Life is miserable
Kill me when you can
I'll put the gun in your hand
Load it
Cock it
Shoot me
Kill me
Send me to hell and let me be
Love is the worst disease

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Sep 13 2020, 01:15 AM

I never thought it would come to this again
Saying for the last time this is the end
Oh.. where do I begin
Started off when I was three until the time I was sixteen
Being abused over and over again
Then the doctor said I have arthritis
Crying, wondering how do I survive all this
Got a boyfriend six months later he killed himself on Christmas
Blaming myself knowing that it was everyone else
My abuser finally went to jail and then I came out about the awful things he's done
Slapped back down once he thought he's won
So fucked in the head I actually miss him even though I want to kill him
Finally moved out and got a job now it seems my family is gone
I lived for their love and now I can't even get a hug

Suicide, I'm sick of the pain
Suicide, I got nothing to gain
This life is so meaningless
Too fucked up to repair all this
Suicide no one to miss me
Suicide cuz love I'll never see

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Sep 13 2020, 01:12 AM

Dangle limply from this noose
It's a path I have to choose
Crimson tears leak from my wrists
I'm just glad I won't be missed
Throw a shell in my twelve
Let my soul rot in hell

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Total Journal Entries: 3