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Me and Lucy walking hand in hand. Me and Lucy never wanna end. Just another moment in your eyes. I'll see you in another life. In heaven, where we never say goodbye. Lucy, by Skillet

Emo Song Lyrics - All Time Low (Add More Emo Lyrics)

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  • "Make it a sweet, sweet goodbye. It could be for the last time and it's not right. Don't let yourself get in over your head, he said."
    Lullabies, by All Time Low
  • "A tongue like a nightmare that cut like a blade"
    therapy, by All Time Low
  • "Make it count when I'm the one who's selling you out.'Cause it feels like stealing hearts calling your name from the crowd."
    Dear Maria, Count Me In, by All Time Low
  • "Make a wish on our sorry little hearts, pour a drink, smoke a cig, steal a kiss in the dark"
    A Love Like War, by All Time Low
  • "I've got your picture i'm coming with you, Dear Maria, Count me in, There's a story at the bottom of this bottle and i'm the pen. Make it count when im the one thats selling you out."
    Dear Maria, Count me in, by All Time Low
  • "Where did my heart go we'll never know i'll never know"
    Too Much, by All Time Low
  • "make it a sweet sweet goodbye it could be for the last time and its not right dont let yourself get in over your head he said alone and far from home wheel find you"
    lullabies, by All Time Low
  • "We all fall down, But you refuse to get back on your feet again. You closed your eyes, and said goodbye to all of those who loved you."
    We All Fall Down, by All Time Low
  • "what am i supposed to do oh oh when she's so damn cold like 20 below that girl that girl shes such a bitch i tell myself i can handle it"
    That Girl, by All Time Low
  • "Looking up, I see a falling star And watch it's fire burn into the floor And I am left, standing on the edge Wondering why we fall so hard"
    Kids in the dark, by All Time Low

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